July 29, 2021

ACB shifts APM’s interrogations to 27 July 2021

The Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] has shifted the planned interview which was slated for Tuesday, 20th July to 27th July, 2021 as part of the on-going investigations into allegations of abuse of the former President Professor Peter Mutharika’s Taxpayer Identification Number [TPIN].

It has alleged that many presidential advisors including Professor Mutharika’s personal bodyguard, Norman Paulosi Chisale, and other business people benefited from his TPIN to import bags of cement from Zimbabwe, equipment and other materials using a duty-free card with or without the knowledge of Mutharika.

The ACB said the interview of the former president Professor Mutharika will be conducted virtually as one way of observing Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

Reports on social media have been indicating that three state organs: Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB], Malawi Revenue Authority [MRA] and Finance Intelligence Unit [FIU] wrote Professor Mutharika to visit him at his Page House in Mangochi to question him on the usage of his TPIN but Mutharika asked why Government wants to visit house amid Covid-19 restrictions as announced to the nation.

The reports says Professor Mutharika’s lawyer, Samuel Tembenu asked the Bureau for more time to study the documents and this has forced the Bureau to shift the interview giving Mutharika and his legal team to prepare for another seven [7] days to Tuesday, 27th July 2021.

In Mangochi, intelligence gathered reports that DPP cadets were mobilizing themselves to cover the boss by blocking all roads leading to the Page House and no strange vehicle will pass by on these roads, so that the ACB fail to interview Professor Mutharika on Tuesday, 20 July 2021.

The impending arrests of Professor Mutharika increased speculations going round on social media that the Tonse Alliance Government is forcing ACB Director General Ms. Martha Chizuma to arrest Professor Mutharika following his address to the media blasting the Tonse Government of losing direction making Malawians to live in abstract suffering than the way they were during the DPP reign.

Coincidentally, Professor Mutharika’s 81st birthday celebrations was on 18th July, 2021 at his Page House in Mangochi where DPP cadets have been preparing to cover the Boss on Tuesday, 20th July 2021, and it pleased Professor Mutharika to dish out MK2 Million to the cadets for them to share after getting reports that many came from far away districts outside Mangochi.

Legal expert, Gilbert Khonyongwa writing on his official Facebook page defended the ACB decision of questioning Professor Mutharika over the way the TPIN was used in the importation of bags of cement worth over MK5 Billion saying the process is legal and mandatory in-line with the on-going investigations by the Bureau.

But, a concerned citizen from the North based in South Africa, Pastor Charles Ben Longwe warned President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera against the impending plans to arrest former President Professor Peter Mutharika saying doing that would fuel democratic revolution as Malawians are tired of the Tonse Government of not arresting those who are doing corruption, bribery and looting of public resources in Chakwera-Chilima Government and they want to arrest Mutharika because he is in the opposition, danger is coming to Malawi.

“…Arresting Mutharika will force all Malawians to stand up and revolt against their elected Government, fulfill your campaign promises for people to trust you, clearing the rubble must start with those in the Chakwera-Chilima Government and not only targeting those of the DPP…,’’ said Pastor Longwe.  

By Vincent Gunde

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