July 29, 2021

Alleged Reports; Chikosa out of Cabinet, APM risks arrests

There have been reports circulating on social media alleging that the new cabinet list will be out anytime from now as President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has finished scrutinizing each and every person appointed to his cabinet.

Dr. Mozesi Chikosa Silungwe’s name is trending as the first to be kicked out from the Chakwera-Chilima cabinet for giving advice to government which has been proved right; this has pained some quarters within the Tonse Alliance Government who are suspecting him of conniving with the judges against the Tonse Alliance.

The Fresh Presidential Elections [FPE] that saw President Dr. Chakwera on 23rd June 2020 in court after the court ruled DPP MEC Commissioners incompetent and not allowed to preside over future elections in Malawi.

A Concerned citizen from the North, Pastor Charles Ben Longwe, has expressed his surprise with President Dr. Chakwera as to why he is against those wishing him well advising him to watch out as those surrounding him are planning for his downfall.

Pastor Longwe said if it is the right time to remove Dr. Silungwe as Attorney General, Malawians will rally behind President Dr. Chakwera  but if it is not the right time, Malawians will defend him so that he should move nowhere for advising government in good directions.

He assured President Dr. Chakwera that if it is true that Dr. Silungwe has been dropped from cabinet because of his free advices to government, he should expect to suffer consequences from the UTM to be against him.

“…He has been advising you not to do this, the law says this, you didn’t listen, if Malawi is being divided, your advisors are on the driving seat, advising the President wrongly…,’’ said Rev. Longwe.

There are also allegations indicating that former President Professor Peter Mutharika will be arrested due to addressing a press briefing in Mangochi where he described President Dr. Chakwera as the King of thieves in Government citing MK6.2 Billion and MK17.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse which have disappeared under his watch with all the 62 suspects cleared by the court as having no case to answer.

Rev. Longwe said Professor Mutharika accepted that there was looting of public resources in his DPP Government but in Tonse Alliance, it has multiplied by three. Corruption is worse than during the reign of the DPP stating police are infringing the rights of Kabaza motorcycles, a police vehicle run over businesses of the poor people in Mzuzu and the amendment of Labour Relations Act.

He stated that for Professor Mutharika to remain a parent and there is no way he can keep quiet while seeing Malawians suffering; reminding Malawians that he wished President Dr. Chakwera well after winning the court sanctioned in June 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections [FPE], advising Government to leave him alone in Mangochi just as Dr. Bakili Muluzi did with the late Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda by placing him under house arrest at Mudi residence in Blantyre due to his old age.

The Pastor warn President Dr. Chakwera that if indeed the plans are there to arrest former President Professor Peter Mutharika, once arrested, the whole Malawi will be on fire saying what is happening in South Africa today, will happen in Malawi as people will be demanding for his release due to old age.

By Vincent Gunde

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