July 29, 2021

APM to Undergo ACB Virtual Questioning

The Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] says as part of the on-going investigation process into the allegations of abuse of the former President Professor Peter Mutharika’s Taxpayer Identification Number [TPIN], it will interview him virtually from Tuesday, 20th July 2021.

The Bureau says this is a normal and legal process which started in 2020 with hopes that this will put the record straight on the various stories circulating in the social media surrounding this matter.

In a statement signed by the Bureau’s Principal Public Relations Officer, Egrita Ndala, the interview will be conducted while observing Covid-19 pandemic prevention guidelines.

Social media reports have in the week indicated that three state organs, Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB], Malawi Revenue Authority [MRA] and Finance Intelligence Unit [FIU] wrote Professor Mutharika at asking if they could visit him at his home in Mangochi for questioning on Tuesday and in response, Mutharika asked why the Government wants to visit his house for questioning amid the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by it recently.

The reports gathered by the Intelligence also indicate that people of Mangochi and surrounding districts are mobilizing themselves to block all the roads leading to Mutharika’s Page House in Mangochi with others camping inside and outside the house to make sure that all the attempts to question Mutharika have failed.

The questioning of APM by the ACB is following the press conference he conducted in Mangochi some weeks ago where he blasted the current Tonse Alliance Government under the leadership of President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera as lacking direction and being clueless citing skyrocketing of commodity prices, impounding of Kabaza motorcycles by police, corruption, bribery and looting of public resources in Government saying Malawians have seen that DPP was better than the Tonse Government.

Professor Mutharika during the press conference accepted that there was looting of public of public resources by some senior members of Government of the DPP but was quick to point out that corruption and bribery has worsened in the Tonse Alliance Government thrice more than during the reign of the DPP describing President Dr. Chakwera as the King of thieves.

A concerned citizen from the North based in South Africa, Pastor Charles Ben Longwe, has warned the Tonse Government on the impending plans to arrest former President Professor Peter Mutharika that Malawians are tired of waiting for unrealistic promises, worsening corruption and bribery, skyrocketing of commodity prices.

” …Arresting Mutharika will fuel a democratic revolution in Malawi, the whole country will be on fire, all Malawians will revolt against their elected Government…,” warns Pastor Ben Longwe.

Meanwhile, a legal expert writing on his Facebook page, Gilbert Khonyongwa, has defended the ACB decision to question former President Professor Peter Mutharika over the way the Taxpayers Identification Number [TPIN] was used in the importation of cement saga saying the process is legal and mandatory in-line with the on-going investigation by the Bureau.

It is alleged that Professor Peter Mutharika’s Taxpayers Identification Number [TPIN] during his rule as president of Malawi, was used by some of his advisors including his personal bodyguard, Norman Paulosi Chisale and business people to procure cement worth over MK5 Billion into the country. 

By Vincent Gunde

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