October 26, 2021


By Thokozani Kachingwe:


President Arthur Peter Muntharika says Malawians should be planting trees.

Muntharika said this as he was launching the tree planting season in mulanje on Wednesday.

Muntharika: I want them to follow what Iam doing

” we need to be planting trees because without trees, no rainfall,” says Muntharika.

However, Muntharika says that there is a threat that by 100 years there will be severe global warming whereby there will be no trees or human.

” we need to take care of trees and we should stop cutting down trees to avoid global warming, “says Muntharika.

Meanwhile, Muntharika has introduce 5 billion kwacha for the youth to be planting trees.

He added that his party will continue planting, protecting,and caring for the trees for the development to go on.

” I want Malawi to follow what I have done,”he says.

He also says its not enough to plant trees but to stop destroying the forest.

“If anyone will be found destroying the forest’s ,will be brought to book,” he says.

Apart from that,
Muntharika also says demonstrations has created anarchy.

” in this Christmas season let’s unite and love one another, ” he says.

The minister of natural resources, energy and mining Binton kutsaira also says international world wide is depending on Muntharika on preserving forest.

” out side the country they say that you are a reliable partner,” says kutsaira.

Talking on the issue of peace, DPP regional governor , Charles mchacha says they will continue keeping peace.

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