June 19, 2021

Area 25B Residents Tasked to Secure Homes

Area 25B residents of Kanthepa location in Lilongwe have been asked to take community policing in their homes to safeguard their lives and property from people who wants to harvest where they have not sown.

Kanengo Police Community Policing officers were in the area sensitizing the residents to support Community Policing formations in a bid to reduce crimes as observed in the recent past months where groups comprising of sixteen thieves had organized themselves to steal door to door in Area 25 Sector 9 location.

Speaking during a sensitization awareness meeting organized in the area, Sub. Inspector Brian Twea observed that residents after forming a community policing and electing its leaders, forget to provide security for themselves trusting the policing members saying this development has led to the lapse of security in many areas across the country.

Twea stated that for every ten kilometers, there is a police officer but people are still committing various crimes including stealing itself and burglary saying this is a clear testimony that police capacity is not enough to provide security to all hence it relies fully on the formation of police forums to work hand in hand with the police.

He advised landlords to be observant with their tenants on what they are doing and their job to earn a living warning them that harbouring criminals will result into destruction of their houses in the process of arresting such offenders.

“…Check on the people sharing rooms, in some houses, seven men are sharing the same room, report this to Community Policing Forum or the Block leader to be aware rather than just watching…,’’ emphasized Twea.

The officer advised policing formation forums to always ensure that those recruited into their group must be school leavers, those who are not going to school or drop outs and have a good tracking record, not less than 18 years old saying those who go to school must assist policing forums during daylight hours.

Twea also advised those elected to be leaders of the policing forums that by trusting them as leaders it does not mean that they are Block leaders for the area clarifying that security issues do not replace chieftainship.

In his remarks, Kanthepa location Block leader, Levison Daudi M’beti Phiri thanked police officers for coming to his area and conducting sensitization meetings on how the residents can join hands with the police in providing security for the area assuring the meeting that from that day, everyone living in the area will be a security officer.

M’beti also thanked the police for providing ten reflective jackets to the policing forum of the area saying this has added colour and an encouragement that the police are with them always in issues of security. 

By Vincent Gunde

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