September 28, 2021

Arrested HRDC leaders safely arrives in Blantyre

By: Vincent Gunde


Arrested HRDC leaders, Comrade Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, Gift Trapence and MacDonald Sembereka have arrived safely in Blantyre and are being kept at Southern Region Police headquarters .

Pic: HRDC leaders on the wanted list in Malawi.

According to Centre For The Future ( CFF) and Muvi wa Chilungamo, Commander in Chief , Saunders Jumah, the Utopian says fears of police stations to be targeted for destruction in Lilongwe by Msundwe Battalion, is what brought the three comrades to Blantyre for their arrests to be heard.

In an audio clip circulating on the social media, the CFF says all have arrived well and it has been assured of their security dismissing fears of dying in a road accident as reported last evening due to over speeding of the vehicle in which they were travelling in, Land Cruiser registration number BU 1562.

The CFF is urging all peace loving Malawians to close down Malawi this morning so that there should be no working and those going to work should only be those that are happy to be ruled by mafias, crooks, thieves and murderers of the Acting President of Malawi, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his terror party, DPP.

The organization claims the three comrades have been arrested using the very same constitution which Mutharika is violating undermining the rule of law in Malawi with the charges levelled against them not enough for their arrests.

Meanwhile, two concerned citizens from the North, Charles Ben Longwe and Happy Gondwe says Malawi is a country of 18 million plus people and President Mutharika should not force people to fear him.

Longwe and Gondwe are urging Malawians to hold violent demonstrations in all of their respective police stations showing disappointments with the arrests rights of the three rights activists.

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