May 18, 2021

Bwalo la Chewa Withdraws from Chief Chulu’s Installation

Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BOLA –CEFO], has advised its members to be alert that there are other Chewas who are working tirelessly to destroy the grouping’s image, appealing to the members to  listen to these people describing them as failed Chewas.

Bwalo la Chewa says the grouping together with its patron, His Royal Highness Paramount, Dr. Lundu withdrew from attending Chief Chulu’s installation ceremony held in Kasungu on Saturday for better reasons and its critics have taken an advantage to divide the Chewas that they must lose hope and trust with Bwalo la Chewa.

Some members of Bwalo la Chewa Foundation…in unity, there’s success…

The organization says it is happy that all the Chewas in Malawi are now aware that there’s only one voice for them, Bwalo la Chewa and membership is increasing day by day in all the districts where there are Chewas, assuring its critics that no matter how hard they will do to destroy the grouping, the Chewas are one and united under Bwalo la Chewa Foundation.

It says it is also aware that some of the people who are working towards dividing the Chewas are members of its WhatsApp Forum, warning them that they will soon be leaving the forum because the grouping cannot tolerate critics to come from within its house.

Reverend Flywell Somanje… security reasons blocked us not to attend the ceremony

This is contained in a statement signed by its Executive Director,  Reverend  Flywell  Somanje clarifying reasons that made Bwalo la Chewa fail to attend the installation of Chief Chulu at its headquarters in Kasungu.

In the statement, Bwalo la Chewa says the grouping’s Intelligence committee conducted a research which proved that Mr. Godfrey Kakasa is the rightful heir to the throne of Chief Chulu, but this was turned down for his sister, Esther Kakasa saying the grouping tried to reason with the family members, but this too, proved nothing.

Bwalo la Chewa alleges that some officers of the Kasungu District Council are behind not accepting the name of Mr. Godfrey Kakasa as Chief Chulu on allegation that he is an excessive beer boozer which is not a fact, most of the chiefs in Malawi go for beer drinking.

The organization claims that it was invited to go to the installation ceremony by Bwalo la Chewa Kasungu branch chapter, but was surprised to learn that in the committee working for installation ceremony, there was no member of Bwalo la Chewa only members of the Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO].

The statement says considering the poor relationship that is existing between the two Chewa tribal groupings, this was a threat to Bwalo la Chewa reminding itself to the Dowa incident during its launch on 7th September, 2019 where its Finance Officer, Mr. Chimlozi was abducted by unknown people and was found alive in Blantyre.

Bwalo la Chewa says it also learnt of the court injunction obtained by Mr. Godfrey Kakasa’s side saying this made the grouping not to participate in the installation of Chief Chulu in order to honor and respect the decision of the court.……’’We are the law abiding Chewa tribal grouping. Even though Mr. Godfrey Kakasa is our member, we felt the need of not attending for security reasons,’’….reads part of the statement.  

By Vincent Gunde

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