June 19, 2021

Cancelled interviews sees 30 HSA’s recruited in Dowa

It has been established that the cancelled walk–in interviews which were conducted in June 2020, has seen 30 Health Surveillance Assistants [HSAs] recruited in Dowa district and they have already found their way into various health centres across the district except for Dowa District Hospital.

Some of the youths that attended the walk–in interviews, have described the recruitment of the 30 HSAs as lacking transparency, claiming that the written examination papers were not enough for each and every candidate that attendes the interviews. N

ot to mention that some, who came from far away areas, slept at Nanthomba CDSS, the venue of the cancelled interviews.

Many youths had to wait for papers to come for the whole morning to afternoon hours and after sensing that time was against them that they could not afford to take another night sleeping on the floor, chaos and stampede were seen forcing those who were conducting the interviews to run for cover.

According to a source, 49 candidates were picked and trimmed from the cancelled interviews and were posted to the health centres across the district and this resulted in demonstration protests forcing all those that reported for duties to come back, except for one, who was posted to Chezi Health Centre and is on the government’s payroll.

The youths are alleging that some of the candidates that have been picked from the cancelled interview, have connections with officials at Dowa District Council saying they are demanding genuine interviews that can prove the same as that of Nurses and Technicians which were conducted in a transparently making those who failed, to accept their failures honourably.

…..”We have evidence that candidates who are close relatives, wives, and children of members of staff did not step their feet in the corridors of the interview venue, but were picked and have reported for duties, those who are ready to conduct investigations, let them come in to prove us wrong,’’……said the source.

District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, was quoted in the press having quashed the accusations saying the newly recruited HSAs were picked from the interviews that were conducted in June 2020.

Meanwhile, some of the youth who attended the walk–in interviews, will on Monday, 04 January 2020 go to the Anti –Corruption Bureau [ACB] offices in Lilongwe to present a petition against the recruitment of the HSAs in the district, until open interviews are re-conducted as that of Malawi Defense Force [MDF] and Malawi Police Service [MPS] which were cancelled for a fresh ones.

By Vincent Gunde

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