October 26, 2021

Castel Malawi Employees Demand Justice on Company’s Sale

A-beer brewing and other products Company, Castel Malawi Limited, is at the verge of closing its operations in Malawi, it has closed its operations in Blantyre and Mzuzu taking some officers to Lilongwe, and there are fears that even the Lilongwe main depot would be closed by December, 2021. The Nation Newspaper of 18th September, 2021 carried an advert in reference to the sale of property by tender inviting bids from interested persons to buy Castel head office building at Makata industrial Area in Blantyre and Mzuzu depot in the Northern Region of Malawi.

Employees say NO! to Castel Property sale

The employees of the company have been awaked with the plans by their company and they are saying NO to the sale of the Castel Malawi historical head office administration block and Mzuzu depot suggesting firstly, the company build the State-of-the-art office complex before selling the existing structures to have all the befitting facilities as it can wish. In a letter addressed to the Company Manager, Minister of Industry and Trade and Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade, signed by Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI] North, Regional Coordinator, Bright Mlomboji Chiswantawa Mkandawire, CDEDI is demanding the Government of Malawi to put on close eye on Castel Malawi Limited operations and offer guidance because from the actions being demonstrated, the company came to Malawi to destroy and not to build.

Hon. Gwengwe’s ministry should on behalf of Malawians press for answers on why the company properties are on sale

CDEDI is demanding Castel Malawi Limited to explain to the Malawi Nation why it has been selling most of its properties including residences and staff guest houses across the country proposing the proper investigation and inquiry into Castel Malawi current business operations be done before selling the assets.

Castel Mzuzu and Blantyre depots on sale

The organization is asking the Hon. Minister of Industry and Trade, Sosten Gwengwe MP and the Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade to summon the managers of Castel Malawi Limited for government interventions wondering why the Government is mute by not condemning what Castel Malawi intends to do and what it has been doing before. The letter is demanding Castel Malawi Limited to provide Malawians with market valuation and this should include how much profit the company generates from its assets, tell Malawians how much importance it give to its fixed assets, the real asset value of their business, their financial accounting is in complete without the definite value of fixed assets in the company as it does not give the real picture of their business. It says Castel Malawi Limited should provide the employees with the compensation plan since the selling of the facilities will make many of their relatives especially the youths jobless and this can even be published in the newspaper. …’’Provide us with Castel Malawi Limited Company’s balance sheet statement and this should be within the applicable laws,’’…..reads the line of the letter.

By Vincent Gunde

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