May 8, 2021

CDEDI calls Government to Address Land Ownership Wrangles

The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI], has appealed to authorities to move in with speed and address the sporadic conflicts, specifically on land ownership which are increasing on each passing day.

CDEDI and all peace–loving Malawians woke up to some shocking news on Sunday morning 18th October, 2020 when social media platforms were awash with pictures depicting two ugly scenes in Lilongwe and Dedza.

The organization says in Lilongwe, irate Area 44 residents razed down property worth millions of Kwachas belonging to Kumbali Lodge, which is just a stone throw away from the Kamuzu Palace, while in Dedza, people from Fumbwa village in the area of T/A Tambala took the law into their own hands and brutally stoned an old woman to death, accusing her of being a witch.

It says while condemning the incidences in strongest terms, CDEDI is challenging President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to publicly denounce these regrettable incidences as soon as it is practical for him to do so.

Sylvester Namiwa…some Malawians have resorted to taking the law into their own hands…

This is contained in a statement signed by its Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa dated 19th October, 2020 with the subject; Malawi slowly degenerating into a state of anarchy. It’s high time you took action, Mr. President.

In the statement, CDEDI says it has noted with concern that of late, some Malawians have resorted to taking the law into their own hands by administering mob justice, hence the need for President Dr. Chakwera to rise to the occasion and warn the perpetrators of such acts, that Malawi has existing laws that are in effect, and that such laws do not give room for mob justice.

CDEDI says President Dr. Chakwera should realize that the increase in cases of mob justice is a pointer and an indication of a hopeless and lawlessness society, a development that can easily scare away both existing and prospective investors, saying this is bad for a country like Malawi where its leadership promised to turn around the economic fortunes by among other things, creating the much touted, 1 million jobs.

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera…has to publicly denounce these regrettable incidences…

…..CDEDI is further reminding young people that growing old is not a crime as these elderly people are like us, hence the need to immediately stop associating old age with  witchcraft,’’….reads part of the statement.

The organization is reiterating its earlier stand that no matter how provocative the situation might prove to be, mob justice is not, and should never be a solution, it is a violent means of resolving conflicts and has no space in a modern day-Malawi.

CDEDI is  appealing to the civil society, the media, religious and traditional leaders, NGOs, and all other influenced figures in the society to join hands with Government , specifically the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity in sensitizing communities to desist from this unbecoming growing tendency of mob justice.

By Vincent Gunde

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