September 28, 2021

CDEDI challenges Chakwera to cancel UK trip

The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI] has challenged President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to cancel the United Kingdom [UK] trip now that Malawians have uncovered the shameful scheme of an attempt to dupe the citizenry.

CDEDI is imploring all Malawians to wake up from the deep slumber and stand against this executive impunity, the president must be forced to cancel the UK trip, or else, let all Malawians go and join him on the trip at the airport saying a stitch in time saves nine [Muvi woyang’anira siuchedwa kulowa mmaso].

The organization says it is dismayed to note that the citizenry seems to be used to leaders who callously toss them around like objects taking advantage of their timid behavior.

In the statement with the subject ‘’Enough for taking Malawians for granted’’ signed by its Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa, CDEDI says it has arrived at this position after observing the worrying lukewarm approach the masses have taken against growing executive impunity, arrogance, looting, plunder, abuse and outright theft of public funds, when most essential services are literally collapsing and the cost of living is increasingly going beyond reach of the majority.

CDEDI says what is particularly disturbing is the Malawians’ discovery that President Dr. Chakwera is typically a serpent in the grass, a leader who loves doing things behind the back of his people, but portrays himself as a caring a leader in the eyes of the public saying as fate would have it, some Malawians are busy clapping hands for such mediocrity.

The organization says it believes that by now, all well-meaning Malawians should have been angry that the president has instructed Treasury to increase his salary from MK5 Million to MK10 Million with arrears from July 2020 saying this is coming at a time when the people who put him in power are grappling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the poorly paid civil servants are crying for a salary hike.

It says after President Dr. Chakwera was criticized for entrusting his daughter with a foreign mission appointment, Dr. Chakwera has yet again reportedly on taxpayers cost taken on board his family members on an official trip to the UK where he is allegedly going to be a Guest of Honor at a wedding in London of one of his family members.

…..’President Chakwera’s administration, publicly told Malawians that government had scaled down the budget for the 2021 Independence Day celebrations from MK240 Million to MK46 Million and yet CDEDI has discovered that government still went ahead and spent MK238 Million, to date, no expenditure reports on the same has been made public as promised…,’’ reads the statement in part. 

CDEDI claims that until today, the president has not followed the Covid-19 MK6.2 Billion abuse to its logical conclusion and neither has his Government explained the whereabouts of the MK17.5 Billion Covid-19 funds and yet, Government is shamefully failing to procure even a single dose of the much needed Covid-19 vaccine.

By Vincent Gunde

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