May 18, 2021

CDEDI Program for Today’s Demo

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development (CDEDI) has released the program for today’s nation wide demonstrations against government administration.

According to CDEDI, their organisation is fighting against punitive taxes, levies and Interest rates.

A fortnight ago CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa warned government to scrap off the punitive taxes in seven days time failing which he threatened to organise demonstrations.

“Should this demand land on deaf ears, then CDEDI will mobilize all Malawians to hold National wide demonstrations until such demands are adhered,” Namiwa said.

A week later, CDEDI held another press briefing after government’s failure to adhere to their demands and they proposed 21 April as a day for demonstrations.

According to CDEDI, the demonstrations will be held in the capital Lilongwe, commercial capital Blantyre and the southern district of Mulanje and will kickstart at 0900h.

In Lilongwe it will commence at Lilongwe Community Centre Ground via Mchesi, Kamuzu Central Hospital Roundabout, Parliament Roundabout to LiLongwe Civic Offices; while in Blantyre, the Kamuzu Upper Stadium will be the starting point to Blantyre Civic Ofices Via Highway, passing through Ginnery Corner Roundabout
and in Mulanje it will start at Nkhonya to Mulanje Council Offices Via Chitakale.

By Erik Chiputula

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