June 19, 2021


By: Vincent Gunde


The Centre For The Future ( CFF), has pleaded with the Malawi Defence Force( MDF) to take the country saying it is the wish of all Malawians that the country be in the hands of the Army than crooks, thieves, murderers and liars .

Pic: CFFs chairperson, Saunders Jumah…. ready to die with his Spear of Truth for his country…..

The CFF says time has now come for the MDF soldiers to restore peace and security by telling the police to protect the DPP as it has always been doing and arrest all those who have been involved in terrorizing innocent people in Malawi.

This is contained in a video clip which is circulating on the social media that Malawians have one greatest enemy, Peter Mutharika by Saunderous Jumah, the Utopian and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo.

In the video clip, Jumah thanked the MDF Commander, General Vincent Nundwe for deploying soldiers quelling the tense situation in Kasungu ,urging him to do so in all the districts across the country and after the Constitutional court in Lilongwe has passed its ruling on the presidential Tip ex elections case.

He assured Malawians that he is ready to die with his Spear of Truth for his country saying he started politics not for political gain but the love of his beloved country.

Jumah trashed media reports claiming that he is arrested, accusing DPP of spreading lies which will take it to no where saying Malawi is for all.

He alleges that three of the Constitutional court judges, from the centre and South have pocketed money with the two from the north refused aimed at derailing justice so that the ruling favours the DPP.

He said if APM was a good thinking leader and has the welfare of Malawians at heart, he would have stepped down for an interim government or the presidential council for peace saying all of this cannot happen, its only the MDF which can enforce this by taking over government to liberate all Malawians.

Jumah called on the military police to arrest Dr. Ben. Phiri, cabinet ministers and DPP cadets for issuing threats at opposition leaders and HRDC leadership saying these are living in fear of their country as not theirs .

He expressed hope that the MDF leadership will listen to the calls by Malawians to come in for the country’s security and peace as police has proved to be a DPP sympathizer.

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