June 19, 2021

Chema World Mitigates Unemployment Through Pig Farming

A Kasungu based pig farming business, Chema world, is through its pig farming business creating more employment opportunities for diverse peoples as one way of mitigating unemployment in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Chema Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Joseph Gondwe said he ventured into pig farming as a way of exploring employment opportunities, a business that would turn into a job that would give him peace of mind and enable him to employ others.

” I chose agriculture business, more especially pig farming, as the available opportunity that would help me to earn a living because people eat everyday and there are a lot of opportunities that would help me to earn money within that sector,” said Gondwe.

Gondwe stated that although pigs takes 80 to 100 weeks of continous rearing, pig farming is a medium-term type of investiment where only a few Malawians would venture into, hence having more opportunities.

“Malawians are very attracted to things that gives quicker returns, good things takes time. It not an easy road but its doable all you need is to grow a passion, build a vision and work on it,” Gondwe narrated.

Chema World pig started in 2016 with only two pigs that were being reared on someone else’s farm because they had not secured their own place. After securing their own land in 2018, they built their own basic kholas.

Gondwe said that it was not easy to find good genetics which prompted him to source from other farmers, and later drove him to specialize in the breeding business so that he should help other farmers to access good breeds for business as well.

Chema World intends to bring in more innovations which will in turn help improve the entire livestock sector in Malawi which will also be sold on profits. 

On 28 April, Presdent Dr. Lazarus M. Chakwera during a University of Malawi (UNIMA) graduation urged graduates that when they go out, they should not sit back or move from one office to another searching for white collar jobs to come their way. He asked them to utilise the knowledge they acquire from the University for the development of their own businesses so that they create jobs for themselves as well as employ others, and in so doing the country can go further.

“If you have a sense of entitlement because you have adegree, then be reminded that over 1,500 graduants are with you in the job market, competition for the same position,” Chakwera said.

Chema World is situated in Nkhamenya, 65 km away from Kasungu Boma along the M1 Road, the company shares different advisory services to pig farmers in Malawi via its Facebook page to all farmers in Malawi.

By Esnath Kalawe

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