May 18, 2021

Chilima advises Malawians to Remain Patient

Vice President of the Republic, Rt. Hon. Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima, has urged Malawians to remain patient with the Tonse Alliance campaign promises saying Covid-19 pandemic has delayed everything not only in Malawi but in all countries around the world.

Dr. Chilima said he and President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera cannot be called liars, they all preached the same message that Malawi will see change expressing confidence that government will fulfill all the promises made.

He appealed to UTM supporters in the North to live in peace and harmony with supporters from other political parties citing the MCP saying all are Tonse.

Speaking in Mzimba on his way to Mzuzu on government mission, Dr. Chilima said looking at this year’s agricultural prospects, it is possible to have three meals per day saying government will create job opportunities, but attributing the delay to Covid-19 pandemic as the major setback.

Dr. Chilima also appealed to politicians to desist from politicizing Malawi Economic Empowerment Fund [NEEF], saying it is the wish of the Tonse government to see to it that many youths are being provided with loans to start small businesses as this will be part of developing the country.

…”It is the wish of the government that the NEEF Loans benefit all and not a few individuals living many suffering…,’’ said Dr. Chilima.

In Mzimba, the Vice President toured construction of the MK6.7 Billion Jenda –Edingeni road project and the Mbelwa District Council offices, the road project is being constructed by China Railway Number 5 Engineering Group Limited.

This has been Dr. Chilima’s first appearance in public after many calls questioning his silence while government has shown all signs of losing direction, many people are suspecting Dr. Chilima’s silence in Government as a sign that not all is well with the Tonse Alliance Government.

Muvi wa Chilungamo has in many occasions been asking the Vice President to come out from his silence and give the message of hope to the 2.6 million voters that voted for the Tonse government in power saying Malawians have lost public trust with their government.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, said if Dr. Chilima is still on the bicycle carrier as he used to be with the DPP of former President Professor Peter Mutharika that he could not ring the bell, he should tell Malawians that he is not ringing the bell in Tonse for Malawians to trust him.

…”Many politicians are waiting for 2024 to jump the ship by campaigning that President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and the MCP ruled the country by himself and not the Alliance, Malawians will prove them as liars…,’’ said Jumah.

Jumah advised politicians who are not happy with the way President Dr. Chakwera is running the country to jump the ship now and not in 2024, assuring them all that Malawians are not fools and stupid to be taken as ladders for politicians to advance their selfish ambitions and political agenda.

By Vincent Gunde

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