June 19, 2021

Chilima Urges Malawians to Promote Sanitation

Malawi’s Vice President, Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima, has called upon all Malawians to promote sanitation in their homes and communities in order to prevent the outbreak of diseases like cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Dr. Chilima observed that Malawi is currently in the rainy season saying good hygiene measures will help the communities prevent themselves from contacting preventable diseases, citing cholera, hence calling each and everyone to adopt cleanliness for the rest of one’s life.

He advised Malawians to never ever get tired of sweeping their surroundings saying this is the basis of keeping their environment clean, urging them that after sweeping and cleaning their surroundings they should keep their hearts clean as well to remove envy and jealousy which are enemies of development derailing Malawi from being more beautiful than before.

Speaking at Dowa community centre ground after attending the National Clean -Up Day Initiative for the district, Dr. Chilima said Malawians must now learn that dumped solid wastes can be used for fertilizers and gas-making for them to make money out of it.

He urged Malawians to start digging rubbish pits for wastes saying they will be using it for manure in their gardens and others would be coming to buy the wastes for fertilizers and making gas for cooking, saying in this way, Malawi will not lag behind in developments.

…”Other countries are turning wastes into fertilizers and gas for cooking, the people of Dowa can now be making their own fertilizers and label it, made in Dowa,’’….said Dr. Chilima.

The Vice President said some people have modified a technology of turning wastes particularly those with plastic ones for moulding bricks, saying this is a good initiative for the country but, they should wait until certification is done to avoided houses collapsing and killing people.

The Dowa District Council launched the first National Clean–Up Day Initiative at Mponela trading centre and Dowa boma has been the second place graced by the country’s Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima.

By Vincent Gunde

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