September 28, 2021

Chilima Visits Cancer Centre

Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima emphasized the need for coordinated effort in all sectors including health, for the development of the country. He was speaking when he visited the National Cancer Center in Lilongwe which he said is the only hope for Malawi. 

Chilima said very soon cancer patients will not be transferred to other countries for treatment, like India, thereby cutting costs. 

He has also urged all contractors in the country to cling to building longlasting infrastructure for the future generations and desist from sub-standard works. 

The centre is adjacent to Kamuzu Central Hospital center in the capital Lilongwe and will be the first dedicated cancer treatment facility in Malawi. It will also serve as a referral center from all other facilities in Malawi and will provide radiotherapy and nuclear medicine services, which are currently unavailable in the country. 

It is being constructed with funding from Opec Fund and Malawi Government to the tune of US$14million. Part of the fund will go towards the in-service training of oncologists, nurses, technicians and administrative staff, which will assist in filling vacant posts with qualified staff. 

The Center will be able to handle around 2,000 cancer cases every year, thereby addressing one of the country’s more crucial constraints in the provision of health services.

By Andrew Ndhlovu

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