May 18, 2021

Citizen Questions Chilima’s Silence in Teachers risk allowances

Concerned citizen from the North, Reverend Charles Ben Longwe, has questioned Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima’s silence for not intervening in Covid-19 teachers risk allowances.

Rev. Longwe said Dr. Chilima is heading a special committee to look into allowances, procurements and promotions in the civil service saying the issue of teachers could have been handled by him but instead, he has chosen to remain silent.

He said once the Vice President made his recommendation, the President would not have time to say no, but would authorize he money as agreed with the Teachers Union of Malawi [TUM] saying his silence is for a special purpose that all the fingers  go to President Dr. Chakwera while he remains innocent.

Rev. Longwe said Dr. Chilima has been living in silence for 9 months making Malawians wonder if he is still on a career for not ringing the bell and that all of what President Dr. Chakwera has been saying, is true.

 President Dr. Chakwera told Parliament that the issue of one million jobs and reduction of passport fee from K90,000 to K14,000 was for Vice President Dr. Chilima and his UTM manifesto, distancing himself from the UTM Manifesto, a move that has raised many questions if at all the Alliance is working.

On 30th March 2021, State House communicated to the general public on Cabinet reshuffle that President Dr. Chakwera has just received the Cabinet assessment recommendation from Dr. Chilima and will look at it for a review.

Rev. Longwe said what the President said in Parliament and about Cabinet reshuffle is a clear indication that Dr. Chakwera is right and there has been no word from the Vice President, Dr. Chilima disputing the claims saying his silence is meaning acceptance.

…”Dr. Chilima is quiet, he is agreeing with whatever President Dr. Chakwera is saying, he wants Malawians to continue pointing fingers at the President as wrong while he is hiding in silence, all Malawians are aware that he is a coward…,” Longwe said.

The Citizen is reminding Malawians that President Dr. Chakwera trusted the Vice President to head the Public Sector Reforms and the Ministry of Economic, Planning and development saying in all of these two institutions, Dr. Chilima has proved to be a failure.

He said there have been a number of State House gates, K6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds have disappeared under the watch of both President Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima, no probe has been made, no report so far, Malawians are still dancing to the tune of no truth in Government.

Rev. Longwe expressed sadness that social media forums are the ones speaking for Dr. Chilima while he himself, is so quiet, he cannot open his mouth to speak on the issues of national importance saying even UTM members have lost trust in him .

By Vincent Gunde

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