September 28, 2021

Citizens demands immediate release of HRDC leaders

By: Vincent Gunde


Malawi citizens are demanding for immediate release of HRDC leaders, Gift Trapence, Mac Donald Sembereka while Timothy Pagonachi Simbega Mtambo is on the hunt list.

Pic: Citizens pray for immediate release of three HRDC comrades.

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika addressing thousands upon thousands of people who graced DPP/ UDF rally at Njamba freedom Park in Blantyre on Sunday said, enough is enough that police and the Arny will use all the force to stop HRDC, MCP and UTM from shutting down state house on March, 25, with 5 million marchers.

President Mutharika said Mtambo, Trapence, Sembereka and Mayaya are not bigger than Malawi saying their time is up and over warning them for the last time after the last six months destroying Malawi through violent demonstrations.

The demand for release is contained in a letter to: State house, Minister of Homeland Security, Malawi Police Service, MDF, Judiciary, MCP, UTM, all opposition parties and all Civil Society Organizations.

In the letter, the citizens claims to have heard the plans crafted by DPP and UDF to kill all those fighting against their evil rule, reminding the DPP regime that this country belongs to no any political party but citizens and it’s their duty to question anyone leading this country at any time.

The citizens further says they have heard that there’s a demotion of MDF commander General Vincent Nundwe and Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda sc in a plan to have these positions filled by DPP tribesmen who will enforce the dictatorship rule that has been agreed upon by DPP/ UDF.

….” This letter calls upon the MDF to deal with Mutharika regime once and for all while calls for all citizens to take back their responsibility they rented out to President Mutharika and his DPP which has transformed itself into a beast”,… reads the letter in part.

The letter is urging Malawians in millions tomorrow morning to go to the police that is keeping these HRDC leaders and take them home alive and if anyone dies, let him represent 500,000 DPP/ UDF officials deaths.

Meanwhile, immediate release of the three comrades demonstrations will be held in Karonga and Chitipa with no petition and it shall only be marching around town.

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