May 18, 2021

Civil Society Leaders Register Discontent with Chakwera

Civil Society Organizations [CSO] leaders have registered their discontent in the way things are happening in the country under the leadership of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, saying the leadership has no direction as things are getting worse by each day.

The CSO leaders say terrifying signals are looming and it would appear that Malawi is on the crossroads, the steps that Malawians were cherishing to have taken forward are apparently going in the antithesis gear, saying time has come when people have to safeguard their rights. Malawians shall never accept impunity, deceitfulness and lies to rule.

The leaders say a time has come for accountability, Malawians can no longer dance to the tom-toms lies, enough is enough saying if Malawians are to hold people accountable, then there is no better time than now.

In the statement dated 16th April 2021 co-jointly signed by John Unandi Banda, Ceaser Kondowe, Oliver Nakoma, Phillip Kamangirah and Sheikh Shaib Ajas, the CSO Leaders are demanding President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to dissolve his cabinet in the next 24 hours for its incompetent and not ready to serve the aspirations of Malawians

The Leaders are demanding government that those mentioned in the MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse must be arrested and taken to court to answer charges of theft and abuse of public funds.

The CSO Leaders says they have noted with a great concern that the Malawi Police Service [MPS] and Malawi Defense Force [MDF] are not mentioned in the MK6.2 Billion abused covid-19 funds audit Report, yet, the two institutions benefited from the funds.

…”We are demanding the National Audit Office to audit the Malawi Police and MDF and President Dr. Chakwera to act within the Law in firing those that were legally appointed…,’’ reads the statement in part.

The Leaders say the Tonse Alliance Government promised unity, but now the country is more divided, the Tonse promised good life for Malawians; today, most people are living miserably, saying executive sheer arrogance and political impunity is a serious threat to Malawi’s democracy.

According to the released audit Report on the abuse of the MK6.2 Billion, MK 106 Milllion was stolen through irregular procuring, MK80 Million stolen cash through allowances, MK 83 Million cash stolen, MK 40Million fuel stolen and MK24 Million was totally unbudgeted for.   

Meanwhile, Muvi wa Chilungamo has called upon the Malawi Government to think of hiring it and assures President Dr. Cakwera and the Tonse Government that with Muvi wa Chilungamo, Malawians will be surprised with Billions of Kwachas and individuals being exposed. 

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, is asking President Dr. Chakwera  that if he cannot hire them, he can establish those to report directly to him, lamenting that public funds are being looted in broad daylight adding the whole Tonse Government needs to sanitize all politicians and senior Government officials.

By Vincent Gunde

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