October 26, 2021

CMC Urges ACB to Continue Investigating Roads Authority and Mota-Engil

Centre for Mindset Change (CMC) has urged Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) to continue investigating the Roads authority and the Mota-Engil due to some issues that are involving some road construction contractual agreements.

Speaking during the press briefing on Tuesday in Lilongwe CMC Executive Director Philip Kamangira said there are certain projects that are executed by Mota-Engil whose figures when compared with ones from the official agreement paperwork raise public eyebrows.

Kamangira told the gathering of the members of the press that there is need for ACB to clear out questionable dealings in areas where Malawians are looking for answers in the Mota-Engil contracts. …”

So we suspect that corruption have exchanged hands and therefore, we want to understand the reasons why such variation orders were not made amidst other projects that were not completed and yet this company received the money.

Kamangira: we are saying enough is enough

“But also additionally we wanted to understand more as to why minister of Transport and Public Works proceeded to awarded Mota-Engil a contract to rehabilitate the Bangula-Malaka railway when they knew that the company have been fraudulent in some of its projects ,”.

Kamangira further lamented that there is a cartel behind the contracts issue because, according to the details that indicate contract amounts increased shows that some members of previous administration and the current one have done business transactions with Mota-Engil company.

Kamangira reiterated his point by pointing out that he received calls from some former cabinet ministers as well as the current Government Ministers demanding his grouping to stop talking about Mota-Engil isssue. “Why calling us to stop, we are asking as to what they know, what they are hiding and why they are concerned. There is a rotten cartel in this country which is continually syphoning and defrauding public fund at an alarming rate, so we are saying enough is enough,”. Kamangira lamented

Commenting on ACB’s professionalism in the case, Kamangira said they are very grateful that ACB responded quickly to their call for ACB to halt Mota-Engil’s project for a thorough investigation and we believe that they are handling the issue professionally and that when done will come to tell the nation of their findings and that they will reveals the names in the cartel. ” We were pleased to see a quick response by the ACB when we blew the whistle as our first step to move to dealing with the corrupt act in this issue”. Kamangira mentioned.

Among the Mota-Angel’s contracts whose amounts were increased astronomically are Area 49-18 Parliament roundabout and interchange which initial contract figures were MK6,687,818,093.89 and its revised contract amount was MK14,375,428,239.18 and was changed to the amount of MK7,687,610,145.92 which is representing 115 percent change from initial contract amount, while Lirangwe-Chingale- Namatunu- Machinga road initial contract amount was MK5,347,663,158.70 and its revised contract amount was MK8,704,313,250.12 and was later reduced to the amount of MK3,356,650,091.42 which is representing initial amount change of 63 percent and the contract has since been terminated. And Njakwa-Livingstonia-Phwezi-Phwamphwa and Mission Loop Road which has the length of 75 Kilometers and only 23 kilometres is being constructed with a contract amount of MK39,815,658,687.27 and the amount certified for the work done is MK36,205,079,118,24.

By Dean Chisambo

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