May 18, 2021

Court Adjourns Bushiri’s Extradition Case to 16 March 2021

Prophet Shepherd and his wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri, on Monday appeared before the High Court Civil Division in Lilongwe to hear an inter-parte injunction application for the court to issue an order to stop the police from arresting them.

Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda adjourned the case to the 16th March 2021 when the couple will return to the court to hear their application for an inter-parte application.

Prophet Bushiri’s Lawyer, Wapona Kita, is quoted having said Prophet Bushiri and his wife Mary, are facing two matters in a court of law, extradition case which is before the Magistrate’s court and an inter-parte hearing involving the injunction obtained restraining the Malawi Police Servise [MPS] officers from arresting the couple.

According to Kita, when a client is facing two matters in court, he/she go to the one at the High Court meaning that the lower court which has the extradition case will set another date for the beginning of the extradition case.

Before coming to Malawi the couple spent two weeks in South African police custody, arrested on fraud and money laundering charges and were granted court bail by the Pretoria Magistrate court with conditions of not leaving out the city without the knowledge of the court and had all of their travel documents confiscated.

The couple jumped bail conditions by escaping in unclear circumstances that has left heads of police, Immigration and Home Affairs in South Africa questioning how they managed to flee to their native country, Malawi.

The South African government issued a notice to Interpol to arrest Bushiri and the notice was served to the Government of Malawi to extradite the couple back to South Africa to stand trial.

In South Africa, some people are pressing the Government of Malawi not to extradite Bushiri as evidenced recently when they marched to the Malawian Embassy in solidarity with the Malawi Government for its stand not to hand over Bushiri back to that country.

By Vincent Gunde

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