June 19, 2021

CRMI Youths Clean-up Mponela Police on Christmas Eve

Charismatic Redeemed Ministries International (CRMI) youths in Mponela cleaned-up Mponela Police Station on Christmas Eve to show the church’s commitment in the campaign which the country’s head of state launched a month ago.

Speaking after the exercise, district pastor for Dowa CRMI, Pastor Francis Pagone, said that youths from his church wanted to demonstrate and raise awareness on the responsibility which churches have in caring for the environment.

Pastor Pagone said that they also organized the exercise to take place on Christmas Eve in order to form part of its outlined number of activities which the church will carry out during the Christmas festivities.

He said that it is the obligation that God gave man care for land and this responsibility he said is in four folds which is to obey Him and his word, faith leaders, secular leaders as well as the father who is the head of the family.

Youth busy cleaning Mponela police station premises.

“Our father and founder of the church, Arch-Bishop Dr. Mark Kambalazaza, has been teaching on love as one of the foundation of the biblical principles,” said Pagone.

He added that love can be portrayed by doing good deeds which include: cleaning up public places, planting more trees, ensuring that people are not turning public places into dumping site and are not carelessly cutting down trees.

On his part, the Station Officer for Mponela Police Station Senior Superintendent Richard Bulla commended CRMI for organizing the exercise, saying the initiative has improved sanity at the station.

He further requested all people with good will to come forward with activities aimed at increasing the welfare of suspects mainly during this time of Christmas and New Year festivals.

He advised other religious gatherings to emulate what Charismatic Redeemed Ministries International youth have done.

By Kaitano Lubrino

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