July 29, 2021

DC Dowa calls for Covid-19 Mainstreaming Activities

District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, has asked members of the District’s Public Health Emergency Management Committee [PHEMC] to mainstream Covid-19 pandemic activities in their everyday life work at workplaces.

Mdooko observed that in the past, they mainstreamed HIV and AIDS activities in all meetings and workplaces saying with Covid-19 pandemic, it will be the same while waiting with or without funding from central government amounting to MK30,457,950 meant for Covid-19 interventions in the district.

He said members of the committee are the ones to respond to the pandemic hence theiru working together is vital for further prevention of transmission as evidenced with the district registering new confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Speaking during a PHEMC meeting held at the boma on Monday, Mdooko thanked hospital personnel for doing a commendable job as frontline workers besides the communities not appreciating their services, assuring them that the council is committed to work hand in hand in the prevention, containment and management of the pandemic in the district.

Mdooko appealed to partners to fund activities which have gaps as Covid-19 is not going anytime, it has come to stay in the midst of the communities hence a great need to collaborate efforts in the prevention of the further spread of the pandemic in the district.

He called for more awareness messages to reach out to all in the district including those in the hard to reach areas to wear face masks, social distancing and receive Covid-19 vaccinations saying it is of  great concern to learn that people in the district are not wearing masks thinking that Covid-19 is over in the district saying this is a worrisome development in as far as the prevention of the pandemic is concerned.

“… Let’s encourage our communities to adhere to all the preventive measures such as wearing face masks, social distancing and vaccinations for the district to be on the safer side of Covid-19 prevention…,” said Mdooko.

The DC assured the committee that should Covid-19 funding comes to the Council, an announcement will be made asking sectors to use the readily available resources to fight against Covid-19 pandemic in the district.

He warned the committee against borrowing money from other services for Covid-19 activities saying he will not authorize this in any way, asking them to wait for the money to come to the district for such activities.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Emergency Management Committee [PHEMC] has passed a resolution to write draft letters on Covid-19 restrictions to Banks and markets, Bars and restaurants to be fumigated, enforcement of vehicle sitting capacity and to explore the best solution to the chiefs of the district on one- meter distance during funerals and formation of funeral and market Covid-19 compliance committees.

By Vincent Gunde

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