May 18, 2021

Divine Love to drop Maluwa album

Lilongwe-based gospel group, Divine Love, is set to launch its first ever album titled “Maluwa” on December 19 2020 at Area 49 Gulliver Seventh Day Adventist Church.

In an interview, one of the group members, Emma Segula, said the album is meant to inspire people to depend on Jesus Christ in everything they do.

“We need to look up to Jesus because we can do nothing without His involvement in our daily affairs,” she said.

Segula said the title of the album “Maluwa” is talking about the beautiful place where flowers do not dry.

“In this song we are talking about the place where Jesus Christ said he is going to prepare for us in heaven. It is a place where there is no sorrow but joy forever,” she explained.

She mentioned that God has blessed them with a lot of talent in their group which she hopes to reach to others.

“We need to give our lives to Jesus Christ no matter what problems we are facing. We should put our trust in God that He is coming again to take us to the Promised Land.”

Divine Love is the mark of launching of their ministry which they are looking beyond singing alone.

“We have a lot of projects with which we want to reach out to the vulnerable people thag are suffering in many ways,” she added.

Segula said God has blessed them with a lot of talent in their group which she hopes to reach to others.

“We have people in our group who are doctors, nurses and teachers, and we believe with that in us we can reach out to help providing services in those areas while the other side we are preaching the word of God through music,” Segula said.

She highlighted that with the grace of God in 2021 they want to go around the country preaching the word of God.

“We are planning to take our music ministry everywhere in this country. We believe that people will get salvation from listening to our music,” Segula said.

Chairperson for the group, Nelson Chabwera, said they have organized to launch an album full of God’s love message.

“Divine love is a ministry which will see the group not only serving God through singing but also reaching out to physical needs that in turn open doors for message sharing,” Chabwera uttered.

He further said that they have being doing charitable work with in line of sharing Jesus Christ messages.

“Recently we donated face masks for Covid-19 prevention at Kaluwiyo community in Area 49. We believe that helping others is the work which Jesus Christ wants us to do the way he was doing it,” Chabwera said.

By Andrew Ndhlovu and Esnath Kalawe

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