July 29, 2021


By: Vincent Gunde

Face Book page corresponding with friends of overseas countries, has earned a primary school female teacher to be supported with learning materials for her learners at Chambu primary school, Dzenza zone in Lilongwe Rural West.

Pic: Temwani Chilenga with her project donors in USA.

The teacher, Temwani Chilenga, of standard 4 , has become prominent among the vulnerable communities surrounding Chambu school in the district as more and more vulnerable children and the aged are being supported with the daily life needs.

In April- June,2019, Chilenga was sponsored to fly to the USA states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington D.C, Missouri, Virginia and Florida after her donors got satisfied with the job beautifully done in making sure that lives of vulnerable communities change to another level of hope for better.

Speaking in an interview, Temwani Chilenga said her project has reached out to 1,000 people which include school learners and the aged from villages such as Chambu, Ndodani, Malegera and Mzondo, all in area of traditional authority Chitukula in Lilongwe district.

Chilenga said with her donor support, 200 learners from the poor communities have been supported with school uniforms, a development which has addressed poverty, absenteeism and enjoyment amongst them.

She said the project has encouraged learners who dropped out of school to go back to school citing Dzenza( 35), Chambu(20), and Deya(40), lamenting that the support is not enough to carter for all in the said schools.

The teacher is appealing to well wishers to provide material support such as shoes , clothes, school bags, exercise books, writing pens and many others they may think to support , saying they can contact her in person or visiting Chambu primary school where they will be directed to the homes of the vulnerable villagers supported by her.

Chilenga, is also appealing to those who can afford buying or provide plastic sheets to do so as the country is approaching the rainy season when these vulnerable communities will need cover as grass thatching alone is not enough to resist leakages.

She is also appealing to those born with a helping hand to prepare something for Christmas such as rice, meat, shoes and clothes for the vulnerable villagers to see the difference in their families.

In 2017, two Australians, Marina and Shane visited Chambu primary school in Lilongwe on an investigative mission to see for themselves how the project they are funding is going on and its expectations.

The visit attracted USA donors, Theresa Reando ( Missouri), Carly Schwartz ( North Carolina) and Nancy .E. Donahue to start donating items to Temwani Chilenga for distributions to the vulnerable learners and the aged surrounding Chambu primary school in Lilongwe.

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