July 29, 2021

Facebook Comment Earns Nkhotakota Police PRO out

A Facebook page comment reminding President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to walk the talk, that police officers would stop lining up on the roads whenever the president is travelling for official duties, has earned Nkhotakota Police Station Publicist, Sub Inspector, Williams Kajoloweka Kaponda a transfer to a police unit in Kasungu.

Kaponda has been transferred to Ndonda, a police unit located in the rural areas of Kasungu as punishment for speaking the truth and has been reverted back to General Duties.

According to the Code of Conduct of public officers, all civil servants can be transferred or posted to a duty station which requires his or her service and the police have described Kaponda’s transfer as normal.

Social media forums have been awash with messages urging the Tonse Alliance Government to rescind its decision of transferring Kaponda to a police Unit in Kasungu; that what he wrote is not an offence but reminding President Dr. Chakwera to fulfill his promise that the president cannot be killed in Malawi.

Muvi wa Chilungamo has added its voice pleading with the Government to correct the mistake it has made in transferring Kaponda to a Police Unit in Kasungu instead of taking action and is reminding the Government of its long time and forgotten promise.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah says issues raised by Kaponda are genuine and need to be taken seriously as police officers are human beings, their job is not only covering the presidential trips but all Malawians in terms of peace and security, hence an appeal to Government not to transfer the said police officer for this will destroy the good image of Government.

Jumah says it is sad that the protocol of Malawi Police Service just the same like all other security agents in Malawi have a Spokesperson who speaks on behalf of one, saying Kaponda’s side of the story has to be heard because all police officers have a similar concern to their Commander in Chief, who in this case is President Dr. Chakwera.

…”Muvi wa Chilungamo demands Government to change its decision of transferring the police officer, let Government image be protected and safeguarded, it should not be destroyed that some other people deliberately wants to destroy Chakwera so that Malawians lose trust and confidence in him,’’……says Jumah.

Jumah has called for openness in all the security agencies adding the time has now come to help their own Government correct mistakes and not encourage it to continue perpetuating wrongs as this will be contrary to Malawi Wokomera Tonse.

By Vincent Gunde

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