September 28, 2021

FFFA pens SADC to declare Mutharika, dictator by Vincent Gunde

By: Vincent Gunde


The Forum For The Future of Africa ( FFFA), a Pan African movement of the Utopian philosophy in Windhoek, Namibia, has appealed to the international community to declare President Peter Mutharika a dictator in the multiparty dispensation saying he must not be treated with kid gloves as his plans are to impose State of Emergency so that he prolong and cling into power.

Pic: The MDF leading the demonstrators fight against electoral Justice in Malawi……

The FFFA is seeking permission from SADC, AU and the Troika on defence and security organ of SADC consent to Malawi Defence Force( MDF) to take over government as a ” Caretaker” to maintain law and order and see a smooth and free elections in the next two months.

The organization says Malawi is coming from dark days of one party state and dictatorship, 80% of the population is still ignorant with the constitutional rule of law, many still believe that the president is above the law, saying if there is anyone who has or is breaking the laws of Malawi, is Peter Mutharika.

This is contained in a statement by FFFA chairperson and Director, Saunders Jumah, the Utopian on international appeal for Malawi to be saved from the Tippex President Peter Mutharika.

In the statement, the FFFA says President Peter Mutharika knows that his time in office is over and that he is likely to be jailed after the State House, he is on the rampage breaking the law using absolute powers of dictatorship and imposing police state with authoritarian autocracy.

The FFFA says in an attempt to twist public opinion, President Peter Mutharika has turned against the HRDC and label them a terrorist organization, issuing a warrant of arrest to its leadership, two of whom, Gift Trapence and Rev. MacDonald Sembereka got arrested.

The organization says to the surprise of many in Malawi, Peter Mutharika has rejected to accent his signature on the proposed bills and fire the electoral body saying the rejection has freed HRDC to plan for State House vigils on the 25th March, 2020, Mutharika being an accomplice, connived with Mec to rig the elections is playing delaying tactics because he is well aware that the fresh elections will not be in his favour.

..” We appeal to the international community to freeze assets and bank accounts of the entire government officials including their spouses and off springs. This is an appeal for isolation, sanctions, trade embargo, and travel ban on selected gangsters in the DPP government “,… reads the statement in part.

The FFFA is asking the Supreme court of Appeal in Malawi to clarify the judgement by charging Mec, Peter Mutharika and all that were involved in the elections fraudulent process, and questioning the Justice system as to why they presented half – baked judgement saying this has made the gangsters’ dilly dally with the country’s laws.

The organization finally warn the international community that tempers are wearing out in the hearts of the citizenry in malawi and failing to contain the situation, escalation of civil unrest and lawlessness will be order of the day and full grown civil war may ensue.

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