October 26, 2021

Four Malawi soldiers ‘missing in action’ in DRC fighting Islamic militias: 8 battling for lives in hospital


By our reporter

As the counrty is still mourning the 6 soldiers who lost their lives in DRC  during peace keeping,the August house has just learnt that  four Malawi Defence Force  (MDF) soldiers part of UN peacekeepers  in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) supporting an offensive by local forces against an Islamist group, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), are missing  while  six brave heroes who were killed have been buried in thier respective homes.

Deputy Ministerof Defence Amos Mailosi broke the news in Parliament on Friday when he  read a ministerial statement detailing events surrounding the death of six MDF soldiers .

Mailosi said apart from the missing solders, eight others are in the hospital at Entebbe, Uganda following injuries they sustained during a clash with rebels in DRC.

He told the House that the  rebel group ADF is responsible for a series of attacks on civilians in recent months.

“The ADF has intesfied their operations of intimidation and terror,” Mailosi told Malawi Parliament.


He said when Malawi troops were advancing against ADF at its illegal base in Beni while protecting civilians,  they  “exchanged fire”.

Said Mailosi: “We lost four soldiers and 10 were wounded. Two of the wounded soldiers  died on their way to hospital. Four soldiers are still missing in action.”

Mailosi has assured the House that govt will keep updating the nation on the status of those missing and  injured.

Meanwhile, House members have resolved not to debate on the statement to respect the six fallen soldiers.

The four soldiers missing in action are; Sergeant Chancy Mwakalenga, Sergeant Boniface Nowa, Corporal George Salim & Lance Corporal Gift Nkhoma.

The injured are; Sergeant Dan Chilanje, Corporal Malijani Selo, Lance Corporal Wesley Mautanga, Private Anthony Mwamadi, Private Moses Mdala, & Private Damson Nkhoma.

Meanwhile, Egypt has condoled with Malawi for the loss of six soldiers who died on a peacekeeping mission in DRC.

“I have received with great shock and deep sorrow the sad news of the heinous attack that occurred on November 15, in North Kivu during the joint operations carried out by the MONUSCO and the government forces,” said the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry in a statement.

“I would like on behalf of the Egyptian government and people to express heartfelt condolences to the people of Malawi and to the families and the loved ones of those brave Malawians who lost their lives for the noble cause of serving for peace and protecting civilians,” Shoukry said.

Egypt expressed condemnation for the heinous crimes against United Nations peacekeepers.

Eastern DRC has been plagued by banditry and armed insurrections for more than two decades, since the fall of the military ruler Mobutu Sese Seko, but there has been a surge in violence in the past year.

Much of the unrest has been blamed on the ADF, which analysts say is trying to develop links with other jihadists in Africa and beyond

Malawi contribute to the longstanding 17,000-member peacekeeping force in violence-prone parts of the DRC.

Countries contributing troops to UN peacekeeping missions are well paid for sending their personnel – about  $1,410 (£1,017) per month per soldier.

In recent years, the ADF has tried to align itself with better-known extremist groups, adopting a flag resembling that of Isis and using language popularised by al-Qaida.

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