June 19, 2021

Fundi applauds PAC for rejecting Martha Chizuma

AUnited States of America based Forensic expert, Foster Fundi, has applauded the Public Appointments Committee [PAC] of Parliament for rejecting hired political gun, Martha Chizuma, as Director General for Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB].

Fundi described the decision taken by PAC to reject Martha Chizuma as courageous stating she is a compromised political hack, no temperament, discipline and professional maturity for such sensitive position of trust and power.

He said he is more concerned with praises from social media party supporters and appointing powers than the truth saying it is all about her career advancement and strategic positioning with Tonse Government.

Writing on his Facebook page, Fundi said this important position ought to be occupied by a political professional not by an overly ambitious and rotten political stooge like Martha Chizuma saying in Chizuma’s Malawi, only DPP and UDF supporters commit crimes.

Fundi cited Seodi White or Linda Kunje with triple the experience and qualifications than Martha Chizuma who is being rejected by PAC saying the MCP military wing is allegedly using HRDC leaders celebrating the decision and cheering these patriotic lawmakers saying Malawi is rotten with decaying morals.

“…We need someone in that position that we all can trust and have faith that his or her decision is based solely on facts not political orientation or political vendetta, Martha is not one of them, let her join active politics, Bravo democracy…,’’ reads the writing of Fundi on the wall.

Meanwhile, former Attorney General, Ralph Kasambala SC has reminded the public that if they are minded to bring back Martha Chizuma, the solution lies in amending the Constitution of the Republic , warning Malawians that the practice to change the law to suit a particular individual or situation will take Malawi to nowhere.

Kasambara said it is neither right nor fair to ask the President to resubmit Martha Chizuma’s name to Public Affairs Committee [PAC], saying the law does not grant the President that right saying judges would call that abuse of parliamentary process.

But, Onjezani Kenani, a social media commentator, writing on his Facebook said at least one Supreme Court judge and one crooked lawyer are trying hard behind the scenes to stop the confirmation of Martha Chizuma as Director General for Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] saying he is not naming names at this stage, but will do so when push has come to shove.  

By Vincent Gunde

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