October 26, 2021

Government Asked to tell citizens truth about Covid-19 certificates

For years, certificates have been used for the purposes of confirmation of academic and professional evidence one has undergone in his or her career of life.
Covid-19 pandemic has come with its certificates different for the purposes one knows and this is questionable best explained by leaders in governments who are forcing their citizens to be vaccinated and at the end to receive the certificates as a proof for being vaccinated and not academic or professional.
Reports are rife that Covid-19 certificates have come with a green card which will be used to enter shops, markets, public Transport and for these hidden agendas employees from public and private institutions are being forced to receive the vaccine in NO VACCINATION NO WORK POLICY.
Minister of Health, Hon. Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda is on record having told Malawians during the rolling out of Astra Zeneca vaccine that the vaccine is not mandatory but one’s choice and she is on a campaign in radios, Televisions and newspapers appealing to Malawians to go and be vaccinated for their safety against the pandemic.
Recently, TNM gave its employees a-10 day ultimatum to go for vaccination and get a proof of vaccination to their Human Resources Management Officer for record purposes, urging those who are failing to receive the jabs for health problem to provide the company with supportive documents.
On a surprising part, the Minister of Health has not condemned this development which speaks against what she told Malawians, but continues with her campaign of calling all Malawians into the National Vaccination exercise. This is speaking for itself that Government is behind companies forcing its employees to receive the vaccinations in NO VACCINATION, NO WORK POLICY.

The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI] wrote the Minister of Health to tell Malawians the truth on Covid-19 vaccines but to this day, as has always been the usual business of the Tonse Alliance government not to respond to issues of public concern, the Minister’s mouth is sealed not wanting to dismiss as false the conspiracy theories on Covid-19.

Minister of Health, Hon. Khumbize Kandodo-Chiponda… vaccinations is not mandatory, is by choice…

A concerned citizen from the North based in South Africa, Happy Chizaso Gondwe, has challenged government to come in the open to prove the conspiracy theories of Covid-19 whether it is mandatory or Malawians tare at liberty to make an informed choice on the vaccine, saying forcing employees to receive the jabs will take the country to nowhere but only increase frustrations which people are already getting from the government.
Gondwe claimed that not all Ministers, councilors, hospital personnel, academia, MPs, senior government officials and other people of high profile received the vaccines, they have made their own choices seeing what is happening to some people receiving the vaccine, citing the example of India where many people died after taking the vaccine.
He said there have been diseases such as small pox, chicken pox, measles, Cancer, Diabetes and HIV, saying no vaccines have been developed for 100 years till today wondering how special is Covid-19 which was discovered in November, 2019 for scientists to immediately discover its vaccine and forcing people to receive the jabs.
…..’’There are reports that Covid-19 has come to depopulate the world which is at 7.9 billion and those that have received the jabs will not live for long after two years, this alone is forcing people not to go for vaccinations,’’…said Gondwe.
The citizen has reminded government to follow the Constitution and the Rule of law in Malawi to safeguard Chapter IV of the Republican Constitution, the fundamental rights to protect its citizens, and that it should not watch while it’s citizens are being forced into NO VACCINATION NO WORK POLICY.

By Vincent Gunde

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