May 8, 2021

Government Cancels Bushiri’s Crossover Night at Bingu Stadium

Government has cancelled the much anticipated Prophet Shephered Bushiri’s Crossover Night of Prayers which was scheduled to take place at Bingu National Stadium [BNS] in Lilongwe on 31 December 2020.

The cancellation has coincided with the Attorney General’s , Dr. Chikosa Silungwe SC, advice to Government to allow Prophet Shepherd and his wife Mary Bushiri go back to South Africa to answer charges of fraud and money laundering.

In a letter to the Head of Communications and Public Relations of the Enlightened Christian Gathering [ECG] church dated 11 December, 2020 signed by Mr. A. Mwaungulu, Government says the event is more than likely to attract people beyond the normal capacity of the stadium, saying this will contravene the COVID-19 preventative measures.

The letter says the stadium will be undergoing maintenance in preparation for CAF inspection in January 2021 and at the time of inspection, stadium management may not have enough time to restore the stadium to its normal status due to anticipated damages.

…”It takes a long time for such damages or losses to be repaired or recovered respectively as seen from past experience,’’…..reads part of the letter.

However, the cancellation letter has been widely condemned by social media users pointing out that Government allowed Prophet Bushiri to use the facility: making all the preparations, bookings with reports that all Hotels surrounding the Bingu Stadium are fully booked and now, they have changed tune describing this as politically motivated, asking Government to foot all the costs Bushiri has spent for preparations.

One Rodgers Kadiso Banda says no one has ever won battles in fighting against men of God or people who preach the gospel since days of Ahab and Elijah; Bushiri is very influential in and outside Malawi and has millions of people whom he commands saying those who are fighting him are doing so at their own risk.

…..’’Some are saying that Bushiri is a fugitive and by allowing him to hold a Crossover Night of Prayers might be like Government is supporting the fugitive, Malawians must remember that the court in Malawi released Prophet Bushiri and his wife, unconditionally, Malawi is blessed to have him back home,’’…….reads part of Kadiso’s writing on the wall.

Meanwhile, Enlightened Christian Gathering [ECG] Head of Communications, Ephraim Nyondo, has confirmed receipt of the cancellation of the stadium appointment appealing to their followers and members to keep calm under the circumstances while the church administration is handling the matter.

By Vincent Gunde

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