May 18, 2021

Government clears Bushiri’s daughter for Nairobi trip

Government has finally cleared Prophet Shepherd and Prophetess Mary Bushiri’s daughter, Israella to travel to Nairobi, Kenya for medical attention.

On 19th February 2021, Bushiri’s daughter was blocked at Kamuzu International Airport [KIA] in Lilongwe from flying in a chartered air ambulance to Nairobi, Kenya, to seek medical attention.

The daughter, Israella, 8, was being accompanied by three guardians, and had been duly referred by competent Malawi Medical professionals to fly to Nairobi, Kenya.

In a clearance letter dated 25th February 2021 signed by Hon. Richard Chimwendo Banda MP, Minister of Homeland Security, Government has confirmed that Israella Bushiri, the holder of Passport Number MA 867832 has been referred by her doctor to a Specialist in Kenya upon examination of her condition which cannot be treated locally.

The letter says in view of this development, she will be accompanied by Raphaella Bushiri, holder of Passport Number MWAO 34810 who will donate bone marrow to the patient and two guardians to provide care and support during the time of receiving medical treatment in Kenya.

…….”The particulars of guardians are; Esther Bushiri Passport Number MA 594035 and Magadalena Ndiwila Zgambo Passport Number MA 564518,’’……reads the letter in part.

The letter says Government of Malawi has no objection for the patient and the three guardians to travel abroad for medical attention considering that there are no travel restrictions imposed on them by the Government.

According to Ephraim Nyondo, Prophet Bushiri’s Spokesperson, this was not the first time for Israella to go to Kenya for medical attention, as the child has flown there several times.

Nyondo said, shockingly, a few hours after the child was blocked from boarding a chartered air ambulance to Kenya, the Malawi Police issued a warrant of arrest for Prophet Bushiri and his wife Mary. He said on 21st February 2021, the Malawi Police stormed one of Prophet Bushiri’s premises to effect the warrant of arrest, a move which his lawyers challenged through a court injunction.

By Vincent Gunde

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