July 29, 2021

Government Salute Action Aid for managing Malawi’s Global Fund Programme

Minister of Gender, Children , Disability and Social Welfare last Thursday saluted Action Aid Malawi for  implementing Global Fund Grant in spearheading diverse projects in 27 Districts of Malawi.

The Minister of Gender, Children , Disability, Hon. Patricia Kaliati, made the applause during Malawi’s Global Fund programme grant closure media event held in Lilongwe where a number of programmes under Global Fund through Action Aid were highlighted as to have been implemented.

The Minister said there are a number of areas which Action Aid are supporting in all the clusters under Action aid funded by the World Bank. 

 “As government we work together in implementation of programmes, Action Aid knows what the government would like to do even if these are Global Fund they know that the focusing areas are policies from government, and they help us in implementing the policies,” Kaliati said.

Through Action Aid Global Fund programme, the Minister further said the government has witnessed how some projects have improved peoples livelihood saying economically people’s lives have been transformed. 

 “That is why they are empowering young girls in economic empowerment like tailoring, village banks savings. This is what we want our nation to have, implementing some programmes with young women and girls and these are the people which will say type of a nation which they would want,” Kaliati said.

She pointed out the challenge of GBV as so rampant even in the urban areas saying her Ministry will not condone that but rather women should be fully empowered so that they understand the danger of any GBV as well as marital issues.  

 “Our main achievement is that these programmes were  created through the communities based organisations in the villages, We have girls that are able to prevent themselves from HIV Aids through the skills that they have been empowered  through our programmes.” Said Golowa

Action Aid Executive Director, Assan Golowa, said through Global Fund, Action Aid has made tremendous strides in all the activities they have made among others in TB, HIV as well as achievements in Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)programmes among others.

One of the AGYW beneficiaries, Maria Phiri, said the project has assisted her to attain more skills in tailoring as well as in radio presentation, hence encouraging fellow youths to emulate.

“I am encouraging my fellow friends to join these programmes so that they also acquire skills the way I have done through the AGYW,” Phiri explained.

Action Aid has been a principle recipient of global fund, the current phase which catered 27 Districts (minus Likoma) ended in December 2020 and has been working in collaboration with Family Planning Association of Malawi(FPAM), Plan Malawi, World Vision as well as MANET+ among others.

By Esnath Kalawe

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