May 18, 2021

Government seizes Norman Chisale’s dubiously acquired assets

Social media platforms have been awash with comments praising Government for being back to fulfill its campaign promises that all those who looted will have their property seized and forfeited to Government.

For 8 months now, many Malawians have been on the neck of Government that it is failing to keep its words that saw Malawians vote it into power.

Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima, is on record as having told Malawians that those who stole chickens would walk to freedom, and prisons will be for the real thieves that have made the country poor for 57 years through plunder and looting of public funds in Malawi.

Malawians have been shocked with reports that the High Court has granted the Government of Malawi an order to seize assets amounting to 1.7 Billion Kwacha belonging to Norman Paulosi Chisale, former personal bodyguard to former President Professor Peter Mutharika.

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] through the Assets Forfeiture Unit, the Financial Intelligence Authority [FIA], Anti –Corruption Bureau [ACB], Malawi Police Service, Fiscal and Fraud Department and other law enforcement Agencies jointly applied for the court order to have Chisale’s assets seized and forfeited to Government.

Justice Mike Tembo granted the court order on 25th February 2021, asking the respondents or any interested third party wishing to oppose this order to file their notice in terms of Section 66 of the Financial Crimes Act.

From the list of the assets seized and forfeited to Government, Norman Chisale was not just an ordinary person in Malawi, he had a hotel in Russia, 2 houses, one each in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa and a shopping mall in Zambia at international level.

Locally in Malawi, Chisale has lost Zimatha Lodge, Flats in Area 10 and 12, 5 houses and lodge at Area 3 in Lilongwe.

Chisale was a billionaire in a poor country, where he had 84 cars which were captured at the Road Traffic Directorate: 2 Hammers, latest version of VX 3 Dodge and Ferrari, 1 Mercedes–Benz May bache, 1 Toyota Prado TX 5, 8 Rangers and Toyota Lexius among others.

According to court records, 78 vehicles were acquired in six years while serving at the State House as bodyguard to former President Professor Peter Mutharika, his cash in bank account is showing the balance of MK 30,018,592.92 Account Number 1519603 National Bank of Malawi and MK 87,375,128.00 Account Number 0004501004244 at First Capital Bank of Malawi.

Meanwhile, some social media users are calling on the State to seize assets he has been donating to churches such as buses and church buildings claiming that all this, are the dirty hands of devil, hence demanding cleansing by the Almighty God.

By Vincent Gunde

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