October 26, 2021

HRDC Demands Government to Implement the Necessary Change to Curb Corruption

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) said it has received more corruption cases on its desks which need government to take action. The HRDC revealed this to journalists at a press briefing the organisation held in Lilongwe, yesterday.

The HRDC Chairperson, Gift Trapence, said among the issues, is the issue of land in the Ministry of Lands in which some of the people at the ministry who dubiously sold land are still being left to go scot-free instead of being taken to book.

“Those people should be dismissed,” said Trapence.

In his statement, Trapence continued to say that lands are being sold to the foreigners illegally hence, the need to introduce a system in which files can be traced such that they can not be changed.

Trapence: The culprits should be dismissed

In an interview on the issue of economic activities, Senior Member of the organisation, McDonald Sembereka, said their HRDC wants government to do away with monopoly by foreigners on business opportunities in the country. The Government should make sure that Malawians have an upper hand over foreigners in as far as awarding of business contracts is concerned so that livelihoods of enterprising Malawians can improve for the better.

Sembereka added that even the people whose structures are being demolished for not meeting the construction standards appear to be the voiceless who are poor, yet rich people’s buildings which do not meet the required construction standards are not being demolished, a situation that he described as unfair.

Sembereka also underscored the importance of awarding business contracts through interviews.

Sembereka: Government should interview those bidding for contracts

” People who are securing construction contracts in the public sector must undergo the interviews.” said Sembereka.

He also said that they have a concern on the recent parastatal board of directors appointments and that their concern is genuine because there is uncompliance with the law.

” The appointment into parastatal boards without compliance with the law is out of order,” he said.

By Thokozani kachingwe

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