September 28, 2021

HRDC shocked with MEC

By Dean chisambo


Human rights defendant coalition (HRDC) has learnt with shock that incompetent Malawi electoral  commission (MEC) is going around collecting phone numbers of their district chairperson.

We will work with MEC that will be accepted by Malawians : Mtambo

In a press statement released on 8th march 2020 which has been signed by the HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo and his vice Gift Trapence which it says incompetent MEC wants to involve the HRDC district structures in their committee.

While the HRDC is encouraging its members to participate in public life and spaces, HRDC does not recognize the current MEC hence they cannot work anyways with them.

The statement further says HRDC will only accept working relationship with MEC after the new MEC leadership is ushered into office.

It is also concerning that MEC has secretly instructed their district officers to collect contacts from the HRDC leaders without engaging the HRDC leadership.

HRDC got surprise with MEC why they didn’t engage the national leadership if their motive is out in good faith. The HRDC has hail their district leaders for rejecting MEC secret advances and alerting the national leadership.

The HRDC therefore is sending a strong warning to MEC to stop their style immediately and HRDC are ready to work with MEC that will be accepted by Malawians.

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