September 28, 2021

HRDC Urges Tonse Alliance to Fulfill Promises in 2021

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has asked the Tonse Alliance Government to act fast on promises they made during the campaign period in 2021.

In its letter released this afternoon which carries New Year Message, HRDC reminded the Lazarus Chakwera adminstration that Malawians expectations of this government remains high following their covincing promises.

The letter furter explained that the TONSE Alliance has demonstrated intention to depart from the leadership malaise of the past regime in a bid to unleash Malawins development potential and ensure the walfare of the people of this country but its slow pace to act on major decisions overshadows its achievements.

Part of the letter reads;”We commend the government for the various strides it has made since june and extend our appeal for the adminstration to widen, deepen and sustain these initiatives towards the Malawi which we all want.

But at the same time, we remind the Tonse government that Malawians have suffered enough from broken promised before and now look forward to this government to reward them for their sacrifices and trust by quickly meeting their expectations.”

Among others, HRDC mentioned issues of corruption, Roadmap for job creation, fuel transporters concerns, protection of small scale farmers, quality education as well as protection of women and children rights to be adressed very fast in the new year.

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