October 26, 2021

HUPECHINOH Events Organizers Prepare Artists for its December Talent Show

As one way of enhancing diverse talents among young people in the country, a group of local events organizers popularly known as HUPECHINOH (Hundred Percent Chills No Hate) refurbishes its platform for events shows. The group which is championing in helping young people to enhance talents in different faculties, the group will this year in December stage another talent competition which will take place in Blantyre. In an interview with one of the Artists who is also HUPECHINOH organizers Blessings Chikonje nick named ‘Max One’ told SMASH the idea have been hatched by its manager Charles Biziwick whose aim is to keep its core objective alive, “We want to prepare young people to enhance their talents, which can be fit for exposure to the rest of the world. We encourage them to take their talent as a career that would earn them a living and turn improve their economic standards.” said Chikonje.

Max One (Blessings Chikonje): We want to bring youths together

According to Chikonje, the group have been organizing successful talent shows in the past “we are assuring people that the upcoming talent show will be a unique one as we have decided to give it a different and unique approach this time with regards to the experience we have acquired and what people want therefore people should expect a much bigger event from what we are preparing this time around”, said Chikonje emphatically.

C First and A Inno Buzy performing on stage during last year’s HUPECHINOH event

Answering to the comments made by followers and fans on their previous performances Chikonje said “We have had a great time learning since we started and are expectant of great things; we are coming up with new ideas that are going to make the coming events great, as we have prepared different competitions as compared with the past events.“This time around we are having music battles, drama, dancing, catwalk and poems among other things” He said.

Commenting on the efforts made by HUPECHINOH legendary musician Lucius Banda who is also Advisor to the president on Arts and Youths said talents shows like these are very essential for growing diverse artists in youths because this is where they get a platform for exposure. Banda said the same way talent is spotted in football through different football leagues is the same ways other talents can be spotted, “These Artists need our support and apart from that, they also need our encouragement to pursue an academic qualification first to a level that will equip them to manage their talent and resources around them, this will also give them confidence to venture into different talents as they are able to cope up and understands things better,” Banda said. He was quick to say that he is not criticizing those artists with no qualifications but rather insists that artist who have gone far with their education differ from those who have not educated themselves in certain areas citing an example that there is a notable difference between educated musicians and those that did not go far with their education and their approach in life differs.

Banda: we are here to give all support to the youth

During the competition, HUPECHINOH will also invite some artists just to spice the occasion as one way of motivating upcoming artists. The talent show will take place at Green Malata in Bangwe Blantyre, interested participants will be asked to pay an advance MK6,000, as a registration fee.

By Esnath Kalawe

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