June 19, 2021

KA MCP supporters finally in ‘Mutharika must fall’ peaceful march

KA MCP supporters finally in ‘Mutharika must fall’ peaceful march

By Jordan Simeon-Phiri
MEC Stringer
Long at last. After being denied an opportunity to peacefully march over the May 21 Presidential elections’ results last week, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters in Karonga led by the regional chairman Kezzie Msukwa Friday took to the street to express their anger against the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Tippex-ed results through protests dubbed Mutharika Must Fall.

Msukwa(R) hands over the petition
MCP supporters with placards

Dressed in red, with heavily armed police escort both unformed and civilian, the supporters peacefully marched from Karonga MCP’s district office with placards with all sorts of messages demeaning the leadership of MEC and Arthur Peter Mutharika while singing anti Mutharika and Jane Ansah songs going to the District Commissioner’s office to present their petition.
This, according to the district’s chairperson James Nkhoma came after a long running battle with the DC’s office over permission which the DC, Emmanuel Bulukutu denied through a letter he wrote the party on May 28.
“After we were denied this opportunity last week, we went back to the drawing board and set aside this day. However, for us to be given this chance it has taken the intervention of all the five traditional authorities (T/As) in Karonga who were called by the DC on Thursday night for an emergency meeting as the DC was also denying to grant us our constitutional right to peacefully march.
“Fortunately, after lengthy discussions that ended past 8 in the evening, we were given a go ahead as we assured them that our march will be peaceful,” Nkhoma said.
And speaking to the press soon after presenting the petition to the council’s director of administration (DOA) Julian Malipa who received the petition on behalf of Bulukutu who was not available to personally receive the petition, the party’s regional chairperson for the north Kezzie Msukwa said as a party, they were happy that they had exercised their democratic right to march to express their anger over what he called the Tippex-ed elections’ results which his party is contesting in court.
“We are glad that after our peaceful demonstrations, we have handed in our petition that has our concerns. And we hope it will find its way to President Arthur Peter Mutharika and the MEC chairperson Justice Dr. Jane Ansah via the DC’s office,” Msukwa said.
Msukwa said the petition simply asks Ansah to step down for what he said failure to manage fair, free and credible May 21 elections acceptable by all stakeholders as they were marred by irregularities.
“Apartfrom that, we have also asked the President of the DPP who was declared winner through Tippex-ed, fraudulently and doctored results to honorably step down as these results do not reflect the will of the people,” Msukwa said.
And speaking on behalf of the DC after receiving the petition, Mulipa assured the party supporters that the petition will be delivered to the District Commissioner, Emmanuel Bulukutu who in return will also forward it to the intended addressee.

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