June 19, 2021

Kamuzu Laid Foundation for Malawi’s Developments

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says the Late Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda laid the foundations of the country’s developments citing roads, hospitals and airports which are still being seen today.

Dr. Chakwera was speaking this in Lilongwe during celebrations marking the official birthday of Malawi’s Founding Father and President, Dr. Kamuzu Banda who, with his Malawi Congress Party [MCP], ruled the country for 31 years.

Kamuzu, regarded by many as a dictator after made himself Life President of the Republic of Malawi in 1971, is remembered today for tangible development projects which cannot be compared with the developments initiated by the leaders who came in after ousting him from Government in 1993 during the Referendum held on the 14th June 1993 bringing real freedom to Malawi.

Dr. Chakwera said he is convinced that Malawi nation’s Founder, Kamuzu Banda, is the embodiment of a truth Malawians must never allow themselves to forget, stating that presidential power is a terrific servant and terrible master.

The President added he was also convinced that the greatest strength and lesson Malawians can learn from their Founding Father and President, Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda is that State power must always and only be used for service to the country and its citizens.

Speaking at the event, President Dr. Chakwera asked Malawians to get work, to respect the laws, to serve and to be united saying in that way, together they can build a better Malawi for everyone to like to live in.

Dr. Chakwera assured Malawians that as long as he is President and God gives him breath, the powers of his office will only be used to serve the people and never to rule them, so help him God.

He complained that people want the president to respond to every issue happening even in their families as though the President is a god saying this development is what has killed Malawi.

“…I want to serve you, I will do everything possible to do, but we should not a reach a development where things can move unless there is a certain kind of dictatorship…,’’ lamented Dr. Chakwera.

President Dr. Chakwera observed that presidents become dictators not because of the wishes but because of people who wants everything to be done by the President. 

He warned that if he finds out that any person he has appointed to be part of his Administration is no longer using their office to serve Malawians but for meddling in matters they have no mandate over in order to advance their selfish interests that will be the day he and them part ways.

By Vincent Gunde 

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