June 19, 2021

Kasalika implementing tree planting exercise in Dowa

A local NGO implementing its interventions in Dowa district and other districts, Kasalika Community Development Organization [KACOD], says it is intending to plant over 30,000 trees in the district.

Dowa, is one of the districts in Malawi faced with environmental damage and forestry cover due to among others, wanton cutting down trees carelessly for firewood and charcoal burning, its protected reserves like Dowa and Kongwe hills, and others, are no longer protected, as communities have ganged up to destroy the forest areas in the name of democracy.

The organization’s Executive Director, Gift Mwale, said sensitization awareness meetings on the importance of tree planting in the district, have already been hekd with the communities of Traditional Authorities Dzoole and Mponela, and what is left are the tree seedlings to be distributed to the clubs.

Mwale said the organization and the clubs are expected to plant 10,000 tree seedlings of different species which can suit the environment of Dowa district so that the initiative is adopted by each and every household in the district need to at least plant one or two trees.

He said the organization is targeting 30,000 tree seedlings to be planted with a hope that if management is there and all trees survive, the areas to be planted with the trees will be the role models to the communities of the district as they will be rich in forest reserves.

……..’’We are expecting to plant these tree seedlings bearing in mind sustainability measures, taking care of the trees will rest in the hands of the clubs, groups and their village heads as this will form part of their life,’’…..said Mwale.

The Director said his organization is appealing NGO partners, development partners, corporate world and well- wishers to provide tree seedlings to the organization for planting this tree planting season saying Kasalika Community Development Organization alone cannot manage to source all the expected tree seedlings for planting, hence joining hands to address forest cover in Dowa district.

He said for organizations and well- wishers who want to provide different species of tree seedlings to the district, they can contact him, gift.mwale@gmail.com or kasalika2004@gmail.com or whatsapp 0888133599 or call 0999722494, so that together they can win the battle of sustaining the environment and restoring forest cover in Dowa district.

By Vincent Gunde

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