June 19, 2021

Kawale files notice for Chizuma’s PAC confirmation

Honorable Member of Parliament for Dowa North East Constituency, Sam Dalitso Kawale, has filed a notice of motion to the Public Affairs Committee [PAC] of Parliament on the developments surrounding the decision of the committee not to confirm Ms. Martha Chizuma as Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB].

Kawale wants the Public Affairs Committee [PAC] to rescind its decision not to confirm Ms. Chizuma and consequently asks this committee to proceed to consider her appointment and communicate the resultant decision to the House.

In a notice dated 16th May 2021 to the Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Kawale has given notice to the committee under Standing Order 82[1] of his intention to move a motion when the PAC resumes sitting on Monday, 17th May 2021.

PAC Chairperson, Hon. Joyce Chitsulo, is quoted in the media as having said she is not affected by public condemnation for her committee acted within the law of the Parliamentary Standing Orders.

Chitsulo described the interviews as impartial and credible saying after the interviews were held, the Secretariat collected the forms for rating and summing up the figures to come up with a final score and after the process was done, the total scores were presented to her as the Chairperson of the committee.

“…She was rated 14.9, I have to check in the Standing Orders  as a guidance, the law says 17, PAC failed to confirm her as Director General of the ACB…,’’ said Chitsulo in one of the local Television interview.

The rejection of Ms. Martha Chizuma has attracted widespread criticism with the most recent from a quasi-religious grouping, Public Affairs Committee [PAC] who cautioned PAC of Parliament against being influenced by party politics when giving judgement on matters of national importance citing one Ms. Martha Chizuma.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition [HRDC] is all set for Tuesday’s peaceful demonstrations against PAC’s decision of rejecting Ms. Martha Chizuma after passing the interviews; she was recommended by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for the position of Director General of the ACB only to have PAC reject her.

The HRDC has described Ms. Martha Chizuma as the choice for Malawians to hold that position to assist President Dr. Chakwera in clearing the rubble starting from his house which has seen many Tonse Alliance members pulling down the President failing to walk the talk.

However, even though the HRDC is set with the Tuesday’s demonstrations, calls are for HRDC to head to the streets protesting against the disappearance of MK6.2 Billion and MK17 Billion which have disappeared without a trace in the hands of the Tonse Alliance Government under the leadership of Chakwera-Chilima presidency. 

By Vincent Gunde

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