May 18, 2021

Ken Kandodo Thanks Chakwera for Ministerial Position

Dropped Minister of Labour in the MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse saga, Hon. Ken Kandodo, has thanked President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for the opportunity he was given to serve as a Minister in the Tonse Alliance Government, accepting the decision to be dropped.

Hon. Ken Kandodo said he neither borrowed nor refunded any Covid-19 funds amounting to MK613,000.00 as per the Audit Report, all financial transactions in a Ministry are done by the Controlling Officer mentioning that no Minister is ever involved in these matters.

He explained that the trip referred to was undertaken as part of the State visit to South Africa, saying the refund was not done by him because he did not borrow.

Writing on his Facebook page, Hon. Ken Kandodo, said he does not mind the comments which are being made against him by the general public as they are all free people, but he thinks it is fair to put things into context.

…”I welcome any investigation that may be deemed to be necessary and I am not afraid, nayenso azaziona, meaning all will see…,’’ reads Hon. Ken Kandodo’s writing on the wall.

Social media commentators have however called on the Malawi Police to act swiftly and arrest the Honourable Minister for his alleged confession that he stole public funds through refunding the money, saying this will send a clear message to the other would-be offenders found guilty of abusing their public offices.

The commentators are arguing that former DPP Regional Governor for the North, Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira is languishing in Mzimba Prison for the offence of abusing public funds mentioning that although he refunded the money, amounting to over K250,000, he is still serving a jail sentence.

They claim that the Hon. Minister Ken Kandodo in all fairness was supposed to be arrested immediately after President Dr. Chakwera dropped him from his cabinet, but this has not happened, and as such are many questions are being raised.

…”Let the application of the law be the same and not selective justice basing on party affiliations, tribe and region…,’’ said one of the commentators.

Meanwhile a Roman Catholic Priest, Monsignor Dr. Patrick Thawale of Maula Parish in Lilongwe is receiving praises from social media commentators that if Malawi had just more people like him in leadership positions, Malawi would have gone far.

According to media reports, Monsignor Dr. Patrick Thawale, was tasked to sit on the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 pandemic, he declined to receive an allowance of K63,000 after attending a meeting at BICC in Lilongwe as he could not see any justification in him receiving reimbursements [transport, food or etc].

The reports say Dr. Thawale was pressured to receive the allowances as his refusal would attract an “Audit Query’’ and in response he wrote a letter explaining why he could not receive the allowances, advising officers to use his letter to address whatever audit queries would arise.

By Vincent Gunde

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