May 18, 2021

Lilongwe Central Constituents Demonstrate Against Minister, Lowe

Concerned Citizens from Lilongwe Central Constituency [Chitsime ward] on Friday, held peaceful demonstrations against their Member of Parliament, Hon. Robin Lowe, for dumping them saying he has done away with the constituency and is only reporting to Parliament to represent them.

The residents marched through the roads of City Centre to the Parliament Building to present a letter to Hon. Lowe inviting him to attend a meeting with them on 28 March, 2021 from 0800h at Nkhukwa Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority Kalumba in the district.

The demonstrations held by the citizens of Lilongwe Central highlights the power of democracy, of holding duty bearers accountable and will be one of many demonstrations to come against legislators who take voters as a stepping stone to advance their political ambitions and after winning the elections, forget them.

According to the constituents, Hon. Lowe MP, entrusted by the Chakwera government as Minister of Agriculture, has no time to visit the constituency only attending Parliament sessions. The residents thought it wise to follow him to Parliament to inform him that he erred by dismissing them upon winning the elections.

In the letter dated 20th March 2021, the constituents are accusing Lowe of failing to account for Constituency Development Funds [CDF], citing road network problems in the area and the toilet at Kalumba CDSS which is not functional considering this period of rainy season when dysentery and cholera are common.

…”The citizens are demanding an explanation on the proverb Lowe has been preaching that grass which fails to burn in the dry season cannot burn in the rainy season. We are suspecting that from this proverb the legislator has vowed to come to the area at his own wish and not through force…,’’ reads the letter to Lowe in part.

Lowe is also being accused of planting seeds of confusion among chiefs of the area so that they should be fighting for chieftainship positions with no interest in addressing issues affecting the youth of the area.

The Concerned Citizens are also accusing Lowe of biasness in the number of beneficiaries to benefit from National Economic Empowerment Programme [NEEF] loans without giving valid reasons and arresting suspects wanting the Minister to clarify on some issues affecting the constituency. 

Meanwhile, Muvi wa Chilungamo has again called on Malawians to press government to bring back the recall provision saying this will empower the constituents to remove legislators that are failing to develop their areas for putting money as a priority of enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, observed that since 1994 when multi-party democracy was introduced in Malawi, there have been legislators who only used the voters to vote for them and dumped them thereafter, saying this must be put to a stop, Malawians are neither stupid nor foolish to vote for someone who would not represent their aspirations and wishes in Parliament. 

Jumah says Malawians would have loved if the Constitution be revisited, reviewed and amended that the recall provision be extend to the President and his Ministers saying Malawi politicians are the ones that have preached that the country is poor whilst Malawi is rich.

By Vincent Gunde

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