July 29, 2021

Malawi Needs a Strong Opposition Party

A social media commentator’s, Henry Kachaje, says Malawi needs a strong opposition party for its democracy praying former President Professor Peter Mutharika gets the wisdom of Dr. Goodall Gondwe who has realized that his prime time is over and has graciously announced his retirement from active politics.

Kachaje said one year after losing an election, Professor Mutharika cannot accept the results of the elections describing the current government led by Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera as illegal and illegitimate claiming that what happened during the election case was a judicial coup.

He was responding to Professor Peter Mutharika’s press briefing held in Mangochi at his official residence saying there was a conspiracy between MCP, CSOs and the Judiciary claiming that the conspiracy to oust him from power started way back in 2017, a prominent judicial officer confided to him that DPP got injustice instead of justice by the Malawi courts.

But, Minister of Information, Hon. Gospel Kazako has dismissed the claims reminding Professor Mutharika that he promised Malawi to be Singapore and to this day, Malawians have not seen Singapore saying Government is not disturbed by Professor Mutharika’s remarks , it is moving forward, Government is sailing through building a new Malawi after the DPP destroyed the country.

On his part, Henry Kachaje writing on his official face book page, is asking Professor Peter Mutharika that before he waste too much time, DPP should hold a convention in as soon as possible to elect a new leader with a sound mind.

During the Press briefing in Mangochi, Professor Mutharika described 12 months of Tonse Alliance Government as ending without policy direction which has led to many Malawians suffering.

…….’’Malawians are struggling to make their daily ends meet due to high cost of living as a result of poor policies by the Tonse Alliance Government…,” said Professor Mutharika.

In his remarks, former Minister of Agriculture in the DPP led Government Hon. Dr. George Chaponda said there is nepotism going on in the Tonse Alliance Government on how the National Economic Empowerment Fund [NEEF] is being distributed saying a lot of money has been distributed and there is no evidence on the ground of who has received the loans.

Hon. Dr. Chaponda also alleged for the second time after the first one in Parliament the presence of MCP youths at Mtakataka Police College claiming that the MCP led Government has ill-intentions of taking the country back to a-one party state.

By Vincent Gunde

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