May 8, 2021

Malawi Policies Beneficial to Foreigners

A Concerned citizen from the North staying in exile, Happy Gondwe, says most of the policies Malawi has been formulating from 1964 have not befitted Malawians but foreigners particularly, Indians of Malawi origin.

Gondwe mentions since 1964, Malawi has been receiving billions of US Dollars as donor funding to projects; the projects are only on paper, people are still poor as in the days of the colonial government, alleging that the Indians of Malawi origin are the ones that have destroyed Malawi.

He says in all the corruption gates which have been happening in Malawi such as food ration gate in police, immigration, ADMARC gate and many other gates, the Indians are behind and none of them have been arrested or charged with prison sentences only Malawians.

The citizen mentions former President Dr. Bakili Muluzi created an environment of making Indians systematic owners of land in Malawi leaving Malawians suffering where they were driven out of the cities, towns and municipalities to the outskirts of the regions.

He says when it comes to contracts, the Indians are prioritized in everything with the Chinese joining them in taking Malawi as their home penetrating into government, State Houses and parastatal bodies making the owners of the land to suffer inferiority complex in their country because they are poor.

Gondwe says recently Minister of Lands, Hon. Kezzie Msukwa MP, said Government will soon be confiscating land that has been lying idle for years warning Malawians that behind this statement, there are the Indians and Chinese, they know that that Malawians do not have money, that confiscated land will again go back to them, Malawians are being fooled.

…”For Malawi to be Wokomela tonse, let’s do our best to destroy the long existing relationship that has been their between Government and the Indians so that we grab our land by force, without this being done, Malawi will not be at peace…,’’ says Gondwe.

He adds the Indians have bought land in towns, cities, municipalities and trading centres making them proud that the country and money is now theirs, urging Malawians that time has now come for Malawians regardless of tribes, region and political parties to fight for the reclamation of the land belonging to the country’s ancestral spirits.

Gondwe says it is sad that the Indians are controlling Malawi economy, as the government cannot fight them claiming that politicians are the ones that are enjoying the country, urging Malawians to do their best so that their land, whether bought by the Indians, is back. Those who resist surrendering the land must leave the country back to their country.

He says he feel very sorry for the residents of Chitipi in Lilongwe who have lost their land to an Indian as the rightful owner of the place, urging Malawians not to see this continue happening, but to stand up, Malawians will be surprised that one day, the foreigners have taken over their country as theirs.

The citizen says besides Dr. Chakwera being the President of Malawi, the Indians are the real presidents of Malawi, they have reaped more from Malawians, and enough is enough, they have to surrender our land or else Malawians will wage war against them in a fight for a good cause.

By Vincent Gunde

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