July 29, 2021

Man dies in a hit and run road accident

A 23 year old Aaron Chisale in Mponela – Dowa has died in a hit and run road accident.

Chisale was hit on Thursday night of February 4 2021 by an unknown cruising motor vehicle at Chapuma Village along the Kasungu – Lilongwe M1 Road.

Following the accident, he sustained severe head injuries and fractured his left arm. Chisale was pronounced dead upon arrival at Madisi Mission Hospital.

A postmortem conducted at the hospital revealed that death was caused due to severe loss of blood secondary to the head injury.

Police have since launched manhunt to arrest the driver and impound the said motor vehicle to answer a case of causing death by reckless driving which contravenes Road Traffic Act.

Meanwhile, Mponela Police Station would like to caution all road users to observe road traffic regulations in order to mitigate such avoidable road accidents.

By Kaitano Lubrino

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