May 18, 2021

Mazani Urges Youths to Inherit Hard-working Spirit

Stanley Malizani, a youth activist, has urged the youths to inherit the hardworking spirit and intergrity for the development of this country.

Speaking in an interview with SmashMalawi online publication on Monday in Lilongwe on the World International Labour Day, Mazani said the spirit of hard-work and integrity is found in a person who is not involved in corruption.

He said, “One of the most important things is to meet deadlines and they should make sure that they are efficient in whatever they do.”

“We have a lot of graduates seeking employment but the best thing to ensure that when they graduate they should have innovative minds.”

He also added that they should look at how they will survive on their own because they might stay for long periods before being employed.

Mazani further said that there are several opportunities available for youths to earn a living without being employed, through entrepreneurship and other types of work instead of just staying waiting for government and companies to employ them. They ought to make sure that they are doing something useful as the youth for themselves.

The whole world commemorated Labour Day on 01 May and President Lazarus Chakwera joined Malawians in commemorating the day at Sanjika palace in Blantyre.

By Dean Chisambo

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