June 19, 2021

MBC has a New Director General, Kasakula

Congratulatory messages are still pouring in for Mr. George Kasakula for being appointed Director General of the State run radio and Television, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation [MBC].

MBC conducted interviews for the post of Director General Mr. Aubrey Sumbuleta, the former Director General, was fired and the Malawi Human Rights Commission [MHRC] report found him guilty of sexually abusing female employees at MBC.

Speculations of Kasakula’s link to MBC started back in July 2020, that he was heading to MBC from Times Group of companies as Director General while Brian Banda to the State House which proved right for Banda who was appointed Presidential Officer at the State House.

In February 2021 news was all over town that Kasakula has found his way through as MBC Director General, but the rumour did not take long another story had to come out that MBC Board has invited candidates to attend interviews to fill the vacant position left by Mr. Sumbuleta..

…”Many people thought that the position of Director General would go to Dr. Jolly Max Ntaba but the finger of God has maintained its earlier pointing for Kasakula, that’s Gods plan , one can argue and argue but Gods power has been shown at Kasakula…,’’ reads the writing of one writer on the wall.

Many Malawians are expecting a new Malawi Broadcasting Corporation [MBC] free from being controlled by the ruling party in Government while the opposition voice was a subject of discussion outside the MBC radio and TV.

For decades, opposition leaders did not have the chance to have their faces beamed on MBC Television due to the fear that their message would reach many Malawians, and it was this tendency which led parliament to allocate literally 1.00 Kwacha for the entire institution’s annual operations.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information, Hon. Gospel Kazako, wrote on his Facebook page congratulating Kasakula for the appointment saying Government looks forward to his construction, recalibration and repositioning of the institution, to make it MBC of the people of Malawi.

By Vincent Gunde

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